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Nothing Beats a First Snot-Swapping!

My husband, Garth (not his real name) attended a business-related event, last night (yes, without me, go figure) so, the kids and I were on our own for dinner (codeword: pizza) and then settled in to watch one of my most favorite movies of all time. All 3 of my girls were absolutely enthralled with the idea of 50 First Dates and sort of fell a little in love with Adam Sandler's character, as he attempted to make Drew Barrymore's character fall in love with him...every day. My 12-year-old son, however, thought Rob Schneider's performance as pure genius, of course.... Read more →

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Insert Blog Post Title, Right Here...

So, my husband, Garth (not his real name) was ironing his dress shirt the other morning. Okay, he irons his dress shirts...every morning. Because, I don't have the patience...especially, when it comes to completing intricate little domestic duties...that require the use of both the SAME, I hate ironing...oh, and mornings. [takes deep breath] Aaaaanyway, as usual, my eyes were glued shut (stupid allergies!) so, I tried to, you know, un-glue them and that's when the conversation turned, well, sort of weird. [looking into mirror] "The left one kinda looks crusty." [one beat, two beats] "That's what SHE said!!!"... Read more →

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The Gift of Nothing

I woke, like most mornings, with extreme dry mouth, the ability to breath through my right nostril (ONLY!) a major case of bed head and the deep, roasty smell of a freshly-brewed pot of coffee. Aaaand, against ALL laws of this mother's nature (i.e. no one, who knows me, can call me a morning person, EVER!) I allowed myself to be escorted to the breakfast table, eyes shut tight (stupid allergies) and well, I couldn't help but giggle when my youngest daughter announced: "I was going to pick you some flowers, but the bees are a little cranky, this morning."... Read more →

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I Heard it Through the Grapevine

My husband, Garth (not his real name) and I planted grapes about two years ago (I think) when I was sort of toying with the idea of channeling my Hungarian roots and making my very own, you know, homemade wine. Until, last summer, when the grapes died, along with most of our tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else the stupid ground hog missed, before the rains came and washed his furry little butt away (out to sea, I hope) along with half our neighbor's yard and, well, I would have been happy with a small jar of jelly, really. Then, the... Read more →

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Because, Kindess Really DOES Matter

As parents (tired, wigged-out, sleep-deprived, frazzled and frustrated as we may seem) my husband, Garth (not his real name) and I continually try to teach our kids to, you know, do the right thing. It's not easy. Trust me -- having been involuntarily drafted to the receiving side of some pretty crappy interceptions, from folks coincidentally resembling the wrong end of a horse -- I know. What, you too, isn't it ironic, totally stinks, too, right? Still, every now and again, a person comes along, most likely when you least expect it and...WHAM!...reinforces the urge to become a lifelong member... Read more →

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My Brother, The Soldier

The kids and I attended my twin brother's pinning ceremony and had the great honor of celebrating his recent promotion to Master Sargent, with the troops, on Friday afternoon. Although, we were ALL very, very proud of him (Go Army!) my son, who wants to grow up to be just like Uncle Bud, was beyond thrilled to have been invited (thank you, Pam!) and, upon our arrival, was more than a little unnerved to find a room filled with soldiers, standing at attention, waiting for us to take our seats, in the front row. Me, too! "Ummmm...don't be nervous...remember they... Read more →

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