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The Neglected Side of My Kids' Family Tree

When my son was in the 4th grade, I asked my parents if they'd be interested in speaking to his class about what it was like to have immigrated to America.

Hope and BFF on Heritage Day
This year, they were excited to be invited back to Heritage Day by Hope's 4th grade teacher, who heard them speak a few years ago and was hoping they'd share their experiences with her class, as well.

This time, I was a little concerned about their being able to go through with it.

Family Picnic Mama

To be honest, physically, mentally, emotionally, my parents are in a very different place (who isn't,  right?) they have their good days and bad days -- not to mention, down right sucktastic times when they can no longer hide the pain from their faces -- so, I didn't make any promises and just hoped for a good day.

It was a REAL good day.

Family Picnic Papa 2
In fact, I'm seriously considering taking on a managing role and hitting the public speaking circuit with these two: they are SUCH good tawww-kuhs (or, tock-kerrrrzzzzz, if you're from Hungary!)

My inlaws, not so much.

Family Picnic Grandma

My mother-in-law suffers from trigeminal neuralogia, has for years, to the point where the simple act of eating, drinking, talking and even smiling, causes her debilitating pain.

Family Picnic Grandpa

Married to their son, for nearly 21 years, I feel it safe to say that it probably hurts my father-in-law, even more.  Dad grew up outside of Boston (or, if you're from Boston, then Bah-ston) so, I really do appreciate his strong New England sensibilities and his wicked sense of humor (dry as it is) especially, on a good day, when my mother-in-law is, you know, not hurting.

Family Picnic Grandmothers
I don't blog about my in-laws, much.  The fact that either one of them might be reading this, right now, is probably making my father-in-law, you know, itch and I'm really sorry about that.

Family Picnic Under the Tree

Because, we ALL have learned to enjoy each others company (yes, on purpose!) and, although we may not always agree, let alone, get a word in edgewise (sorry, Grandpa!) my inlaws are an important part of our family's story, as well.

IN OTHER WORDS:  Yesterday was a REAL good day, too.

Consider yourselves blogged, Mom and Dad (you're welcome!!!)

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