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Not My Daughters, Most Likely, My Son

Over the years, I've learned to expect less than favorable opinions, from other people, upon learning that I have 4 kids.

Hope Underwater Then, when other people find out I have 3 daughters, who ALL share the same bedroom, the shock sets in and, well, yes, it is just as complicated and delicate of a situation as anyone can imagine.

Heather Underwater All I can say is, thank goodness we have a REALLY BIG backyard and, when hormone levels begin to rise and, add in the closeness of summertime, threaten to reach epic proportions (like, yesterday) I can toss them ALL in the swimming pool and, hopefully, avert a nuclear meltdown.

Mine, too!

Holly Underwater Being a girl is really, really hard.  I know.  My daughters sometimes forget, I used to be one.  Once.  A long time ago.

However, I wasn't allowed to play organized sports, even though I was really good at soccer and could pretty much run circles around the boys, when playing "for fun" at the Hungarian Club.

With my sincerest apologies, in advance, to Mia Hamm's mother, it was a boy's sport and both my parents worked during the day AND cleaned office buildings, together, in the evenings, during most sporting practices, anyway.

It wasn't in their nature to, you know, ask for help.

Besides, they had me to help cook, clean and were grooming their daughter to be perhaps the best that they could have expected, at the time, given their upbringing.

Katkics Grandparents
Frankly, there are worse things (trust me, I've heard their stories) and my parents have since admitted, as their daughter, I've far surpassed any and all of their expectations (mine, too!) 

They ARE terrific grandparents and have been there, for my kids, sharing in nearly every milestone and a few unexpected surprises, as well.

Funny backstory:  after a long day of furniture shopping and helping my parents plan their move, we stopped for lunch and my father actually cheered, out loud, when my oldest got her period at McDonalds.

While, 30 years earlier, I got in trouble, BIG TIME, for leaving a pack of Kotex on the bathroom sink.

Mom and Me in Seaside Still, I try and make it a point to thank them, whenever I can, for helping to make me the person, who I am...right now.

Hope and Heather Poolhair I am...the mother of 3 very spirited daughters, who are confident and, although they don't like each other, very much, sometimes (okay, a lot) there's unconditional love, in there, somewhere, albeit wet and perhaps even a little sticky.

Folding Party at This Full House! Oh, and I also have a son, who likes to cook, bake and knows how to separate his laundry (okay, so my mother taught him) and...YES...I expect him to make someone a REAL good wife, most likely, some day.

Just, not my daughters.

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