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Our Forever Beach


I was born in a bay town, caressed each of my children, for the first time, in a room overlooking the banks of a river and raised them in a shore town, within viewing distance of the Hudson River.


Where the ocean touches the earth, plays hide-and-go-seek with the light and the sunshine is treasured above all else. 


Not to mention, the slightly tangy sting of the fresh salty air.  It's in their blood.


Their father has been coming to this same beach since he was a child.  It's where we spent our first days as man and wife and introduced each of our babies to the soft, gentle waves of Cape Cod Bay.


Songs have been written for less and, sadly, moments like these are becoming far and few in between.


But, NOT this day.  The shades of soft purples, dark blues and warm golds are still very fresh in our minds.


For, no matter where life takes us, (because, tomorrow comes a lot faster than you think) we will always have THIS day, as far and few in between as it IS, on OUR beach, together, for which I will be FOREVER thankful.

As I live and breath, I love you, Garth (not his real name) thank for THIS and much, much more!

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