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I Left My (insert body part, here)
In San Diego

BlogHer 2011 Headless Mom and Me  Toasting a safe arrival into San Diego with my dear friend, Headless Mom!

I had the extreme privilege of attending BlogHer 2011 (thank you, Kmart!) and honestly, even after pulling all-nighters in a New York City hospital, saving BlogHers with Busy Mom, I don't remember being THIS tired, last year.

BlogHer 2011 Biking Around in Coronado 

Then again, biking around in Coronado with Melisa, Sue and Michelle can be very, very EXHAUSTING oh and absolutely HILARIOUS (trust me, I was there!) but, I'll let Melisa blog about it, once she stops laughing, I mean!

UPDATED TO ADD:  Which, she did, right here.

BlogHer 2011 Clever Girls Party Gals Left to right:  Me (Michelle, in back) Christina (Headless Mom in back) Jenn (Busy Mom in back) Melisa and  Carmen (don't her arms look great?!?)

It's REAL hard work, you know, keeping up with the cardigans (dang, but it was chilly) and my Clever Girls Party sistahs.

BlogHer 2011 Me and Melisa at Clever Girls Party

After all, seeing as this is my 5th BlogHer, I feel it safe to say that networking is, you know, REAL hard work!

Liz and Silvia of Mama Latina Tips

Seriously, being this gosh-darned cute AND huggable, every time (MamaLatina Tips, not me, DER!)

BlogHer 2011 Jenn, Me and Busy MomCourtesy of Elizabeth @Table4Five

Attending sessions, learning from other bloggers and celebrating each other's accomplishments, like, that of the awesomeness of my dear friends, Jenn and Busy Mom (pictured above) speaking on the Old School Blogger Panel, is what we blogger-types do best.

Liz Team Pic at Pan Am Party
Also, meeting bloggers I admire (like Elizabeth Peterson and the amazing Liz Strauss) for the first time at really cool events, like here, attending the Pan Am dinner with Busy Mom.

BlogHer 2011

Getting all decked out for the absolutely awesome harbor cruise, courtesy of Dove Ice Cream (thanks for sending me this before pic, Melisa!) and checking off yet another once in a lifetime moment, thanks to writing in my silly little blog.

Photobombed by Busy Mom
Aaaaaand, oh how we danced and laughed whenever one of us got photo-bombed by BusyMom (I did and it was AWESOME!) these are the BlogHer moments I love best.

Getting caught talking with my hands (again!) and spilling my drink all over Backpacking Dad, not so much.

[covers face with hands, hangs head in shame]

Thank goodness no one else at CheeseburgHER seems to have noticed, or even cared, that he smelled of appletini (heh!) 

At least, I don't think they did, seeing as I was too busy throwing my back out on the dance floor...YO!

Oh, and I seemed to have left my ass on Coronado.

Can't WAIT to see what happens, next year!

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