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I Felt the Earth Move Under My Buttocks

Fanny Body Asks, I'm NOT Home!

TFH Fortress of DorkitudeKnock-knock.  Who's there?  Fanny.  Fanny who? (see blog post title) SNORT!

The kids helped me out with a little blogging project and, since it's been raining cats and dogs, since, like, forever, they built this awesome tent in the  middle of our livingroom.

Not that it's earth-shattering news, or an epiphany in parenting, that will perhaps, one day, save the world, by any means, or anything.

It's just that, you know, my kids are older AND by older I mean:  a) oldest is graduating high school this year and b) youngest is moving up to middle school next year (SOB!)

The fact that they still like doing this sort of stuff...with me...well, sort of just blows me away, a little.

You see, I am not the best mom, or expert at anything other than being a dork (I get that!) but, raising teens is REAL hard.

Aaaaand, some would be hardpressed to argue that first part, as well (DAMNIT!) but, these are my kids and, some day, REAL soon, maybe they won't be home long enough, or even want to admit that, you know, we actually had fun...together.

Except, this one day, when we built a tent, out of blankets, in the middle of our living room, microwaved us some S'mores and watched Toy Story 3.

Aaaaand, it was AWESOME!

Racy Mushrooms

"Holy crap on a stick, look at the size of those mushrooms!"

Told you it's been raining, A LOT!!!

"Heeeeey, you know what, they sorta look [snicker] you know [cough, cough] kinda, I dunno, funny-looking, right?!?"

After some scolding and a quick lecture on the appropriateness of this particular conversation, my kids finally allowed me back into the house and sent me and my inner-12-year-old straight to my room, for some quiet time.

Aaaaand, it was AWESOME!

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