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Traveling With Teens and Tweens and That Annoying 20-Something Couple!

Traveling with younger kids is hard, trust me, I know. My minivan has battle scars -- not to mention, unidentifiable stains, which will stay that way, because, seriously, I don't even want to know and I'm STILL finding petrified food c. 2006 -- to prove it!

Driving, now that my kids are ALL in double-digits, however, and being stuck in traffic, for half the trip (seriously, Connecticut?) can make even the most level-headed, easy-going, and emotionally-balanced parent go all mental.

"Would you PLEASE stop talking and put some noodles into your mouth, or something!"

The Crane 2011

Then again, I don't remember ever having THIS much fun with them, at the beach, when they were little and, quite frankly, I was probably more concerned about counting heads than making with the crane.

Me and SueMe and Sue of As Cape Cod Turns

Or, being able to make last minute dinner plans with bloggers, who I now have the extreme priviledge of being able to call out as good friends who, after asking:

"Are ALL your kids with you?"

Then learn:

"Yes, ALL my kids are here, with us, right here, staying in this one room...[clears throat]...I'll bring the wine!"

And STILL, you know, seem to want us to bring our kids.

The Boy and Garth (not his real name)
Oh and shopping.  While, my husband, Garth (not his real name) and the manchild patiently wait as the rest of us go shopping.

The Girls at Clancy's
Also, eating in restaurants.  Although, 5 out of 6 of us aren't allowed to order off the kids menu, anymore and, well, we don't go out all that often.  But, when we do, it's a treat.

"DAMN...that's a lot of kids!"

Yeah, uh-uh, as if I've never heard THAT before.  Still.  We stopped at a sushi place halfway home and there was an obnoxious 20-something couple sitting behind us and by obnoxious, I mean that even my 10 year-old was all like...EWWW...he's eating her ear!

"Hahahahaha, riiiiiiight, and they're taking them ALL home, with 'em!"

I kid you not.  The kids and Garth (not his real name) were already out the door and I was all, like, huh?!?  Aaaaaand, the fact that he used her as his own private little (okay, not so little) sushi table, way better, right?!?

"Why didn't you say something, mom?"

Honestly, I was too busy, trying to figure out what their story was and, well, would it have really mattered, anyway, if I had?!?

"Because, all of his brains are obviously in her breasts and they wouldn't have understood me, anyway."


"Yeah, also, if the Apocalypse happens, we could use those puppies as flotation devices!"

Aaaaand, oh, how we laughed and laughed.

Gosh, but I love traveling with older kids and someone should really consider banning obnoxious 20-something-year-olds at restaurants. 

Or, at least, prohibit them from procreating!  I kid.  Sort of.

She should be sleeping, too!
Also, it's sort of nice to have another licensed driver in the house, who can take over and give daddy and/or mommy a much needed break, if need be.

When and if ever she wakes up, of course!

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