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I Give Good Face(s)

My husband, the kids and I were ALL having a nice, quiet, leisurely dinner at the dining room table the other night. [blank stare] Okaaaaay, so, maybe the kids weren't actually at the table. [eyes go wide] Fiiiiiiine, they were all out eating at other people's houses. [taps foot] Buuuuut, my husband and I were eating...uh...standing up. [sound of crickets chirping] Aaaaanyway, my husband was in the middle of telling me a story about something that happened at his work the other day and then ended it, very abruptly. "What's the face for?" [blink, blink] Honestly, I wasn't even aware... Read more →

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Serving as an Unspoken Example to My Children Since 2003

I wrote my very first blog post 8 years ago (Happy Belated Blogivesary to me, heh) on September 2, 2003 (at 3:38 p.m.) and poop may or may not have been involved. My youngest was still in diapers and, well, it's understandable, really. Raising 4 kids, under the age of 10, life revolved around my being the center of their world -- handling poop was a large part of it -- which, thanks to the internet, had just gotten a whole lot smaller. I now had the ability to communicate, with other people, over the age of 10, unwashed and... Read more →

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My Karma Ran Over Your Dogwood!

Last winter, you may or may not remember my telling you about the house next door. Miss Grace turned 103, this month (bless her hearty little, uhh, heart) so, about 2 weeks ago, I pulled into my driveway and saw our other neighbor cutting her grass. DANGIT! The 3 of us have very large properties (as in, DANG, but this grass got real long, didn't it?!?) I don't remember the EXACT measurement (that particular brain cell burned off about 2 kids ago, I think) but, I'm pretty sure we're about 300+ feet long, backdoor to end of mow-able backyard and,... Read more →

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Nearly WordlessWednesday:
Same, Only Different

Source: via Liz on Pinterest Now this, THIS IS EXACTLY what my dining room looks like, here at home. Minus the nice walls, finished ceilings, those wickedly awesome French doors and fancy furniture, that rug and gorgeous light fixture, WOW, oh and, at second glance, uhhhhh, our floor may or may not look a little less, you know, finished. Ummmm, did I mention, we have the same color pallet, tho?!? Stupid houzz! © 2003 - 2011 This Full House Read more →

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Are You Smarter Than My
5th Grader's Smart Phone?

NO!!! Because, my 5th grader doesn't have a cell phone. She will (eventually) then text me, how much she HATES the bus, like her siblings before her, most likely. All arguments for or against cell phone use in school and kids today with their entitlement issues, aside (really, 4 kids, living under 1 leaky roof, I get it) her latest argument that, "My friends are texting each other, except me!" is more than just a little disconcerting. "Which friends?" I mean, we ARE talking 10 year-old girls, who stop talking to each other, every other day, just so you know.... Read more →

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Rock, Bumper, Echo Says, "SHOOT!"

We attended a family get-together in memory of Garth's (NHRN) uncle who, sadly and very suddenly, passed away last month. The kids were a little nervous (me, too!) it's been almost a year since they attended my aunt's funeral and they're still not quite over her passing (me, either.) I promised it was not going to be like that. This was, however, an opportunity to meet up with extended family members of the Thompson Clan, from Arizona and Boston, who we haven't visited with in a very long time. Which also gave us the chance to introduce our kids to... Read more →

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