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Are You Smarter Than My
5th Grader's Smart Phone?

NO!!!  Because, my 5th grader doesn't have a cell phone.  She will (eventually) then text me, how much she HATES the bus, like her siblings before her, most likely.

All arguments for or against cell phone use in school and kids today with their entitlement issues, aside (really, 4 kids, living under 1 leaky roof, I get it) her latest argument that, "My friends are texting each other, except me!" is more than just a little disconcerting.

"Which friends?"

I mean, we ARE talking 10 year-old girls, who stop talking to each other, every other day, just so you know.

"ALL my friends!"

Still, I remember when it seemed ALL my friends wore Converse sneakers and, being raised hearing stories of my father entering this country, with borrowed shoes (2 sizes too small) how torn I felt about my Shoprite specials.

Unconvinced (see last paragraph) I remind her that it couldn't possibly be ALL her friends.

"I mean So-and-So calls you on our house phone, every day."

Okay, I mean, at least every OTHER day.

"Beeeeeee-cawse, I don't have a cell phone, remember?!?"

[blink, blink, blink]

GAH!  Whatever!  It's sort of hard to argue with a child's sense of logic, without sounding a little like a 12-year-old, my ownself, yes?

"Well, that's not ALL your friends now, is it?"

See what I mean?


Times like this, squashing my inner-12-year old is really, really hard, just so you know.

"What about So-and-So?"

[one beat, two beats]

"Beeeeeee-cawse, she has me on conference call!"

[eyes go wide]

"I can't even do that with my phone, DAGNABIT!"

There, I said it (keep your Blackberry, Droid and iPhone apps to yourselves, please) I have a dumb phone, don't judge.

"Well, you COULD get a smart phone and we CAN always learn to share!"

Damn, that kid is smart (stupid phone!)

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