I Give Good Face(s)
I Woulda Been BIG-ISH in Silent Films!

Aaaaand Now a One Act Play
Performed by Two Turtles

One of the many perks of raising older kids, besides the fact my husband and I have seen each of ours reach double digits and are STILL amazed at our even being able to, you know, count that high.

Okay, mostly me.

Aaaaanyway, we've tried to raise them to be independent, or at the very least, able to pretty much take care of themselves (get dressed, feed themselves, remember to brush their teeth, take their showers before bed and use soap, the last three being mostly for my son) if need be, and work as a team, if necessary.

This week, the need be necessary.

I have been in and out of the house, helping out a dear friend of mine, all week, in fact, I'm not home, right now.

I was, for a few minutes, long enough to pack an overnight bag, kiss Garth (NHRN) when he got home from work (on the lips, REAL HARD!) and, well, then I left.

On the one hand, it's nice to be able to focus my attention (used in the singular, on purpose) wherever it is needed the most, at any given moment.

On the other hand, ummmm, what was I saying, again?

Aaaaanyway, I bought my laptop along, thinking this would be the perfect time to catch up on reading some of your blogs and, in turn, allow you guys to, you know, help keep me amused (thankyouverymuch!)

So, once my friend settled in for the night, I fired it up.

Grrrr... even though we recently invested in a new desktop, my kids STILL insist on accidentally borrowing my laptop on purpose.

Seriously, sometimes being away from home, alone, is good.

Until, I read the note pinned to a new document:  Hope's Madlib, in case you get bored, I hope you like it.

PATIENT: Thank you so very much for seeing me, Doctor Thompson, on such pretty notice.

DENTIST: What is your problem, young Bruno?

PATIENT: I have a pain in my upper big bow, which is giving me a severe belly ache.

DENTIST: Let me take a look. Open your heart wide. Good. Now I'm going to tap your Gabi with my dog.

PATIENT: Shouldn’t you give a cat killer?

DENTIST: Its not necessary yet. Yeah! I think I see Walmart in your upper neck.

PATIENT: Are you going to pull my earring out?

DENTIST: No I'm going to sneeze your tooth and put in a temporary globe.

Patient: When do I come back for the ugly filling?

DENTIST: A day after I cash in your tennis ball.

On the one hand, it's a simple little Madlib and, well, big deal, right? 

On the other hand, the fact that it was supposedly performed by two turtles, yeah, doesn't change things much, unless, you know, they're naked (Gawd, I love that kid!)


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