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Further Proof Our Life IS a Sitcom
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Backstory: Hurricane Irene ripped us a new one (figuratively and literally) damaging our roof and chimney, which now causes our ceilings and the front of our house to leak like a sieve, every time it rains.

Flashback: to September, which, turns out, was one of the stormiest months we've ever had, here in Jersey (of course!)

FB Our Own Personal Rain Dance
Flash-forward: last night, my awesome friend Sue (who also happens to be my next door neighbor, in my dreams, I wish) Facebook's me while I'm out buying lottery tickets.FB Sue Rain Dance

Missed it (DAGNABIT!) so, through the magic of the interwebs, I go and watch the episode this morning:

Sorry about the 15 second ad in the beginning (ABC folks gotta keep their lights on, too, I guess) the clip itself is only 30 seconds long and a gosh-darned good example of what it's like to live in our house, when EVERY TIME IT RAINS!!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, the clouds are beginning to roll in. 

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the kitchen.  Breaking out the pots and hoping that the insurance check clears and/or ABC calls, sometime, soon!

Stupid roof, dumbass Irene.

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