Aaaaand Now a One Act Play
Performed by Two Turtles
Wordless Wednesday: Stolen Kisses

I Woulda Been BIG-ISH in Silent Films!

So, we've been without hot water for...ummmmm...what day is it, again? 

Aaaaanyway, I was tired of feeling all, you know, ummmmm-ish (i.e. a distant relative of the Amish, I think) and stinky (P to the U!) really, I bet yous guys have enough of your own stuff going on, your ownselves, right?!?


Soooooo, I put on a thick layer of purple eyeliner (actually, it's more plum-ish) fired up Spotify and did some serious desk chair dancing with Prince.

Or, whatever he's calling himself, these days.

I don't know which is funnier:  a) the fact the sound is all borked up or b) the fact that the sound is all borked up AND yeah, I still posted it.

Because, I am ALL about making YOU guys feel a little better about yourselves.

With love,

I.M.A. Dork

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