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The Ghost of Halloween Parades Past

My oldest, her first Halloween in 1994, I dressed Holly as Little Bo Beep (sorry, Holly!) Aaaaand, even Heather's face is all, like, seriously Mom?!? Also, I'm pretty sure Glen is STILL not over the epic diaper wedgie he received from this ill-fitting-hand-me-down Tigger suit. Which leads me to reason #71,928,099 why I will be fed a steady diet of strained carrots, in a nursing home, somewhere far, far, away. 2006 was the last time I took ALL 4 of them out trick-or-treating, together (scary thought, I know!) "You coming to the parade?" Today, after 13 consecutive years of packing... Read more →

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Fester, Fester, Fester, Rot, Rot, Rot

My 17yo is studying Forensics. Don't ask me why. She's majoring in art education, I think. Also, the girl can't even squash a bug, let alone, bag a stinky old body part. Aaaaanyway, she's a huge Bones and NCIS fan (me, too!) helllloooo David Boreanaz and Mark Harmon. [heavy sigh] Um, what was I saying, something about body parts? Oh yeah, so I wasn't surprised that Forensics is one of her favorite classes, this year. "We tested each others' lips, today." [eyes go wide] "I mean, we put on lipstick and took print samples of our lips." She then began... Read more →

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The #1 Reason Why This Jersey Girl Does NOT Pump Her Own Gas

My friend, Melisa (with one S) had a really bad run in with a runaway gas pump, yesterday. Really, go and give her some love (when you find the time, of course!) because, personally, I can totally relate to her angst. I mean, honestly, as a self-professed magnet for attracting really, really embarrassing situations AND considering my talent for breaking things HARD! There really is a REAL good reason why this Jersey girls does NOT pump her own gas. Yeah, besides the fact that it's illegal to pump your own gas, here in New Jersey (and Oregon, I think) THIS... Read more →

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Further Proof Our Life IS a Sitcom
Or, Would Make a Very Comical Cartoon

Backstory: Hurricane Irene ripped us a new one (figuratively and literally) damaging our roof and chimney, which now causes our ceilings and the front of our house to leak like a sieve, every time it rains. Flashback: to September, which, turns out, was one of the stormiest months we've ever had, here in Jersey (of course!) Flash-forward: last night, my awesome friend Sue (who also happens to be my next door neighbor, in my dreams, I wish) Facebook's me while I'm out buying lottery tickets. Missed it (DAGNABIT!) so, through the magic of the interwebs, I go and watch the... Read more →

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Maybe She Should Be Happy
She Has a Job?!?

Loooong before I had kids and waaaaay before automated teller machines -- although, it's kinda weird to call ATM's that, since they don't give out lollipops OR dog bones -- I was the senior customer service representative for a large manufacturing company. Before that, I was the secretary to the plant manager, as well as various vice presidents and a couple of marketing and district sales managers in their corporate offices. Then, the owner was indicted (long story, I hear he pretends he's Elvis now) and, well, I got another job as a, you guessed it, a customer service representative.... Read more →

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Nobody Puts Baby in the Dentist Chair

I hate the dentist. What?!? You, too!!! Seriously, the word Novocaine alone (for me, a dozen pokes, per tooth, minimum) or the thought of anything even remotely associated with drilling a hole, anywhere, is enough to bring a shiver down my spine!!! BBBBBRRRRRZZZZZ!!! [shiver] My middle girl (she's 15) however, couldn't care less, seeing as she's had: Tonsils removed in 2006 Was filleted like a fish, from behind, at the base of her spine, to, um, let's just say Heather spent her 13th birthday, during Christmas week, getting used to sleeping on her side (shiver!) It took 18 months, 1... Read more →

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