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Why Worry When You Can Confuse the Forces of Evil, Instead?!?

A lot of stuff has been going on, here at Casa de Stinky. What?!? You, too?!? DANG, when will it EVER end, right?!? Aaaaanyway, in an effort to not think about stuff (stinky as it is) I tend to move things around. Like, oh, I don't know, shifting chairs, hanging curtains, taking down and rehanging pictures, you know, the little things that require very little physical effort, almost no financial backing or filing of anymore loan applications (UGH!) simple little stuff that just sort of makes me want to, you know, smile. Aaaaand, confuses the forces of evil into thinking:... Read more →

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Eye of the Tiger Mom

My oldest daughter is a senior in high school...hang on, while I allow that to sink in or, at least, until I stop shivering...okay, that's better, thanks. Aaaaanyway, there is nothing...and I mean ABSOLUTELY NADA...that will bring even the most light-hearted of parental units...crashing back down to earth...faster than a high school graduation and/or college looming over your head. Aaaaand, the perverbial glass ceiling being...I am her mother. "I need a baby picture for the year book!" You've heard of Manic Mondays, right (Bangles, 1986, look it up on Youtube, youngster!) "Um, okay, when do you need it?" Well, at... Read more →

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I Woulda Been BIG-ISH in Silent Films!

So, we've been without hot water for...ummmmm...what day is it, again? Aaaaanyway, I was tired of feeling all, you know, ummmmm-ish (i.e. a distant relative of the Amish, I think) and stinky (P to the U!) really, I bet yous guys have enough of your own stuff going on, your ownselves, right?!? Riiiiight. Soooooo, I put on a thick layer of purple eyeliner (actually, it's more plum-ish) fired up Spotify and did some serious desk chair dancing with Prince. Or, whatever he's calling himself, these days. I don't know which is funnier: a) the fact the sound is all borked... Read more →

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Aaaaand Now a One Act Play
Performed by Two Turtles

One of the many perks of raising older kids, besides the fact my husband and I have seen each of ours reach double digits and are STILL amazed at our even being able to, you know, count that high. Okay, mostly me. Aaaaanyway, we've tried to raise them to be independent, or at the very least, able to pretty much take care of themselves (get dressed, feed themselves, remember to brush their teeth, take their showers before bed and use soap, the last three being mostly for my son) if need be, and work as a team, if necessary. This... Read more →

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