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Maybe She Should Be Happy
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Rude CashierLoooong before I had kids and waaaaay before automated teller machines -- although, it's kinda weird to call ATM's that, since they don't give out lollipops OR dog bones -- I was the senior customer service representative for a large manufacturing company.

Before that, I was the secretary to the plant manager, as well as various vice presidents and a couple of marketing and district sales managers in their corporate offices.

Then, the owner was indicted (long story, I hear he pretends he's Elvis now) and, well, I got another job as a, you guessed it, a customer service representative.

However, this time, for a rather large manufacturer of toilets.

So, yeah, I have a lot of experience, dealing with customers and their crap, at an executive level.

I empathize with anyone working in a service-based capacity, whenever dealing directly with the public, because, well, people suck.

Unless, I happen to be the customer.

[eyes go wide]

I took my 17yo shopping last night [shiver] because, the house magically disappeared the ONLY two pairs of jeans that fit and, well, yes, the cashier was probably all like, "UGH, I just want to go home," too!

Then again, I can't think of ANYTHING else I would rather NOT be doing, than shopping, at 6:00 p.m., on Sunday night, can you?!?

"We're NEVER going home, you know that, right?!?"

At first, I thought she was talking to me and I was going to answer her (because, I'm nice like that) but, she was actually talking to the other cashier, who was already checking out the ONLY OTHER person on line.

[popping her gum]

"I know, right?!?"

I am NOT even kidding!  She really DID say that, right in front of me, THE CUSTOMER, while pop-pop-popping her gum and...really?!?

[rolls eyes]

"I don't know HOW you guys put up with these people ALL day?!?"

Again, not directed towards me, THE CUSTOMER, honestly, I was kind of tired and, you know, still sort of confused.

"Is there a problem?!?"

[sound of crickets]

I turned to ask the person behind me if I had magically turned invisible and, well, there was no one there to ask, as I was THE ONLY CUSTOMER BEING CHECKED OUT AT THE TIME.

"Geez, are they EVER going to make the announcement?!?"

Honestly, I was all, like  Face7 and, not for nothing, but if I had EVER talked like that, in front of customer, I would have been fired, three times over!

"What announcement?!?"

Good, the other cashier was all, like (see face above.)

[popping gum]

"You know, that the store is closing?!?"

[one beat, two beats]

My turn.

"Oh, you didn't hear it?!?"

THAT got both their attentions.

"They made that announcement about a half an hour ago."

She tossed me my bag, mumbled something about it being about time and started closing out the sales in her cash register.

"Have a nicccccccccce night."

She said, like a blood-engorged snake.


"But, I didn't hear any announcement, either, mom?!?"

Actually, there wasn't.  She had another 30 minutes to go.  

"Thank you and g'night!"

I grabbed my daughter's arm, mumbled something about it NOT being my problem the girl doesn't know enough to wear a watch, or check to see what time it is.

What?!?  Blame me for being old-ish, if you must.  But, the kid needed jeans, otherwise I would have totally left the stuff right there on her counter, without even paying.

You got a problem wit dat, Skippy?!?

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