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The Ghost of Halloween Parades Past

Holly As Bo Peep 1994

My oldest, her first Halloween in 1994, I dressed Holly as Little Bo Beep (sorry, Holly!)

Holly and Heather Halloween 1997
Aaaaand, even Heather's face is all, like, seriously Mom?!?

Holly Heather and Glen Halloween 2000
Also, I'm pretty sure Glen is STILL not over the epic diaper wedgie he received from this ill-fitting-hand-me-down Tigger suit.

Glen and Hope Halloween 2003
Which leads me to reason #71,928,099 why I will be fed a steady diet of strained carrots, in a nursing home, somewhere far, far, away.

Halloween 2006

2006 was the last time I took ALL 4 of them out trick-or-treating, together (scary thought, I know!)

"You coming to the parade?"

Today, after 13 consecutive years of packing kids off to school, costumes in tow, I'll be attending my last Halloween parade.

"Yes, why?"

Aaaand, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

"Because, you always walk next to me."

Because, my youngest seems to have inherited a healthy dose of parental embarrassment from her siblings, too.

"Sorry, I won't if you don't want me to."

Then again, either way, with my oldest graduating high school (SOB!) I'm pretty much getting used to the idea that perhaps my kids just don't need me around much anymore and I'm okay with it.

"No, I like it when you walk with me."

Until, this morning, when I was once again reminded just how precious these last few years have really been.

"Just, don't take so many pictures."

[eyes go wide]

I mean, how else am I going to remind her just how much I hate mushy carrots, right?!?

[Edited to Add:  Just got back.  No, I did NOT cry, but guess who forgot the camera's memory card in her laptop?!?  Go ahead, I'll wait!!!]

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