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The #1 Reason Why This Jersey Girl Does NOT Pump Her Own Gas

My friend, Melisa (with one S) had a really bad run in with a runaway gas pump, yesterday.

Really, go and give her some love (when you find the time, of course!) because, personally, I can totally relate to her angst.

I mean, honestly, as a self-professed magnet for attracting really, really embarrassing situations AND considering my talent for breaking things HARD!

There really is a REAL good reason why this Jersey girls does NOT pump her own gas.

Reason #1 Why This Jersey girl does NOT pump gas
Yeah, besides the fact that it's illegal to pump your own gas, here in New Jersey (and Oregon, I think) THIS IS a law suit just waiting to happen.

"Oh and be sure to stop at the gas station on your way home."

Now that my oldest daughter is driving?

"I think it's time you learned how to get gas."

I think it's real important to know how to pump your own gas and she does (her father showed her how to do it on our last road trip to Cape Cod) just NOT in Jersey.

"How did you do?"

[one beat, two beats]

"Fine, after I let the gas station dude show me how to pop open the gas tank."

[blank stare]

Ummmm, yeah, we may or may not have forgotten to show her where to find THAT particular button.

[sound of crickets]

WHAT?!?  It's in a really weird spot, way down on the floor (I think!) aaaand, I even forgot, my ownself, the gas station dude had to show me where it was, once or maybe twice, I forget.

Morale of the Story:  My oldest has decided to pursue a career in art education, as well as attending a college closer to home (YAY!) clearly, she did NOT get her artistic talent from me.

Stupid gas stations, dumbass cars!

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