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We Like to Party Like It's All Saints Day

Remembering All Saints Day
I attended Catholic school until the 2nd grade.  Long story short, my father and the Reverend Mother had a bit of an argument over my poor potty habits.

Oh, I was trained alright (learned how in public school) it was because of my having to go at least twice, rather than the allotted one potty stop, per day, per student ruling -- because, any more than that clearly provokes a sinful bladder -- or something. 

Aaaanyway, my religious education continued (sinful bladder, or no) and I successfully  completed 7 years of Catechism. 

In fact, I made both my holy communion and confirmation, with a full bladder and everything. 

An even longer story, shorter (you're welcome!) my 3 oldest children were baptised in the Reformed Church and my youngest was christened in the Lutheran faith.

So, suffice it to say, I'd be hard pressed to declare exactly what religion we follow, as our faith seems to be in a constant flux and at the mercy of my perpetual church shopping.

Still, in an effort to maintain some street cred with my Hungarian ancestors, every year, at sundown, the kids and I light a candle for All Saints Day.

You see, All Saints Day is a very important holiday in Hungary.

All the shops close down, everybody packs a huge picnic and goes to the cemetery to celebrate the memory of their loved ones.

Sort of odd, I know.  I'd much rather light a candle.

Keresztmama's Dance

4/30/52 - 11/02/10

Tonight, we're remembering my sweet and sassy Godmother, Aunt Theresa.  That's her, up there, busting a move on my wedding day and now celebrating her 1st Anniversary in Heaven.

Dancing her ass off, no doubt.

Miss you and love you more than the stars and the moon, Keresztmama!

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