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The Big-ish Reveal

12 cups of coffee, 6 trips to Home Depot and way too many potty stops I'd care to mention, at the moment (you're welcome!)

Bathroom Before CollageBefore:  last Thursday, when the wallpaper fell on my head and I vowed, before the bathroom gods and my neighbors, "NO MORE WALLPAPER, EVUH!"

Having spent most of Friday, Saturday and today working on it, I am proud to confirm that my spontaneous bathroom makeover is indeed FINISHED. ON BUDGET.  AAAAND, ON SCHEDULE.

Wanna see?  To quote my friend Busy Mom, it's time to "move that bus!"

Bathroom After Walls
2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, later.  To hide the imperfections, I added texture using a high gloss gel paint and a texturizing roller.

Then, using one of those nylon-type shower sponges (sorry, girls!) I sponged on some more of the color (don't really recall if I mentioned it's classic taupe) creating a cool stone-like effect. 

Bathroom Hooked on Wall
It's hard to capture in a photo (not an expert, remember?) but, this effect hides the dings and scratches so beautifully!

My husband, Garth (NHRN) was SO impressed (i.e. shocked) he treated me to this lovely little light fixture (Merry Christmas, early!) 

A few things of note: 

  • I recommend removing the painter's tape BEFORE the paint dries (DER!)
  • Also, removing light boxes BEFORE you start painting.
  • Especially, when choosing a light fixture that has a different size light box (double-DER!)
  • Installing the stupid (yet, very, very prettiful) light fixture proved more difficult than the whole ding-dang project.
  • A real good patch job is highly under-rated.
  • As are small-ish bathrooms.

I can't wait to show it off on Thanksgiving.

Bathroom After
In the meantime thank you ALL for your encouraging comments and, if anyone needs me, you know EXACTLY where I'll be, right?!?

The End.

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