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10 days into NaBloPoMo and, well, NOW I remember why I have never NaBloPoMo-ed before.

This blogging every day thing is hard, man (for me, anyways) however, it's been a great writing exercise (so far) especially, this time of year, when my head could always do with a good, you know, brain dump-ing.

You're welcome!

Aaaaaanyway, the cool thing about NaBloPoMo-ing is that there are daily prompts to help get my blogging juices going. 

Today's prompt is:

What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?


Okay, I've got one and would you believe that it's NEVER been blogged either?!?

I'm a closet romance novel addict:  it started in my senior year of high school.  If I could only turn back time and return all of the Harlequin paperbacks I have EVER purchased.

Oh, I would still enjoy re-reading them.  However, I would also probably have a nice-sized down payment on a new-ish car to gift my oldest for her upcoming 18th birthday by now.

HOWEVER, seeing as my sweet, precious baby girl recently turned me onto Lisa Kleypas, all bets are off.


Maybe for your 21st birthday, sweetie?

Perhaps, by then, I'll be able to look you straight in the face, without blushing, knowing you've read ALL of the Hathaway series, before I got a chance to, you know, check them out first (whoopsie!) and then wanting to throw up, a little.

[wipes mouth]

Now, give mommy back her Kindle DAMMIT!

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I'm NaBloPoMo-ing it, this month (first time NaBloPoMo-er) feel free to check out what I've NaBloPoMo-ed, thus far (PHEW!) and let me know how I'm doing (I mean, 30 posts, in 30 days, really?!?) when you have time, of course!

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