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16 Candles

Heather is 16 (SOB!)

Happy 16th Birthday to my sweet, beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl, Heather Marie. I am in constant awe of everything you achieve and the absolutely gorgeous woman you have become, inside AND out. 

I admire your quick wit and strong will (yes, THAT too!) and the way you meet life's challenges all in and head-on.

You are brave, strong, loyal and unafraid to be loved for who you are, period (please don't ever change that!)

You are also very protective of those you love (see last parenthesis!)

Although you would never admit it (out loud) you have this sixth sense of knowing when and how to diffuse a sticky situation, by making a funny little face, cracking off a smarmy one-liner or throwing out a big-armed hug, just because, bless your squishy little heart.

For ALL these things (and so much, much more) I love you, Ree-Ree!

You will always be my most favorite Christmas present ever.

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