Feeding Your Inner-Grinch
A Hungarian's Recipe for Hungarian Gulash: You Say Goulash, I Say Gulyas - Let's Just Call it Soup!

Dressing Room Conspiracy (The Vlog)

Just a few afterthoughts:

  • Yes, my nose is always THAT itchy (I swear!) It is a nose of substance (SNORT!)
  • Turns out, schlub is a real word after all (thought I was being all cleh-vuh, shoulda known beh-tuh, DER!)
  • But, it's not what I meant (less mean like and more Jabba the Hut-ish.)
  • See thumbnail above (seriously?)

I will post "the dress" my almost-16yo picked for me (it's like this one, only in black/silver) before I go out on Saturday AND once I shave my legs, of course!

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