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16 Candles

Heather is 16 (SOB!)

Happy 16th Birthday to my sweet, beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl, Heather Marie. I am in constant awe of everything you achieve and the absolutely gorgeous woman you have become, inside AND out. 

I admire your quick wit and strong will (yes, THAT too!) and the way you meet life's challenges all in and head-on.

You are brave, strong, loyal and unafraid to be loved for who you are, period (please don't ever change that!)

You are also very protective of those you love (see last parenthesis!)

Although you would never admit it (out loud) you have this sixth sense of knowing when and how to diffuse a sticky situation, by making a funny little face, cracking off a smarmy one-liner or throwing out a big-armed hug, just because, bless your squishy little heart.

For ALL these things (and so much, much more) I love you, Ree-Ree!

You will always be my most favorite Christmas present ever.

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A Mom's Letter to Santa (UPGRADED!)

I first wrote Santa in 2006 (way back before Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest ruled the earth) it's filled with typos and weird stuff after migrating my blog back from Wordpress, no doubt.

[clears throat]

Aaaaanyway, considering my oldest is 18 and the middle girl is turning 16 next week (SOB!) and the rest of the kids are now at the age where they only pretend to believe in an effort to keep their delusional parental units (mostly me) happy.

It's time for an upgrade.  Here are my Christmas wishes:

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D'OH! A Deer!

Liz and Garth (NHRN) at Jayne and Paul'sReason #3,922,199 why I love Garth (not his real name) for his gorgeous eyes, of course!

My husband and I recently reconnected with his cousin and I was excited to be invited to their holiday party (the hubs, too!)

Beeeecause, they really are a great couple (and they invited us back, anyway?) my cousin-in-law Jayne LOVES to dance (me, too!) and I've heard that they do awesome holiday.

Aaaaand, they did.

The Sax Guy
But, this guy right here BLEW (buh-dum-bum) and single-handed-ly (mouth-ly, lip-ly, whatev) managed to put us in an awesome holiday-ish mood.


The next day, when it was time to pick up our kids.   That is to say, we were happy to see our kids (of course!)

The prospect of having to drive northbound on the Garden State Parkway (towards New York, if you're not from Jersey) on the last weekend before Christmas (when everyone and their mother is on their way home, too) um, not so much.

So, we took "the back roads" and I bet you dollars to donuts you didn't think Jersey had back roads.


Or, deer, right?

We were introduced to 3 of them, up close and all personal like (so, how YOU doin'?) and, thanks to my husband's cat-like reflexes (also, the fact that he was driving and NOT me) the slowest one of the group is probably still limping.

After loosening his ninja-death-grip on the steering wheel and making sure everyone was okay-ish, Garth (NHRN) got out to check the front of the car.

"No damage, we must have just bumped that last one."

The irony that we just picked my husband's car from the shop earlier that day, or the fact that, once the shock wore off, my son seemed to be more concerned about the deer.


Rather than the fact that it could have been much, much worse, was lost on no one.

"They sort of looked like Santa's reindeer."

Especially me, since Rudolph hit MY SIDE of the car.

"Well, he did sort of fly over us."

[blink, blink, blink]

Stupid holidaze, dumbass deer.

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© This Full House 2003-2019. All rights reserved.

TGIF! Even, when it's really only Wednesday!


Just a few afterthoughts:

  • Yes, I really did videotape this on Wednesday, pretending like it was Friday and trust me when I tell you [looks into mirror, quickly turns away for fear of turning into stone] it's a good thing.
  • I really do obsess about my hair way too much.
  • Bast should really be a real word.
  • Middle girl's appointment went well-ish.  No emergency procedure necessary.  Being treated for a wicked infection.  Will re-evaluate next step(s) after the holidaze.
  • I really didn't know how yesterday was going to play out.
  • Spent the rest of the day at the mall.
  • My feet STILL hurt.
  • Still, was out at the buttcrack of dawn driving middle girl to school, 30 minutes away.
  • So, vlogging on Wednesday, pretending it was Friday, worked out well (see bullet, above.)
  • Oh, and SO GLAD I didn't take my husband's car:  he got a flat tire on the way to work, this morning.
  • Also, if you're still here, you really do deserve a GREAT weekend...oh, and chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.
  • Special shout-out and virtual hugs to my friends Patty of A Day in My NYC and Heather!

Peace out and have a GREAT weekend (for real!)

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Freshly-brewed elsewhere:  I'm donning wings, playing an AT&T phone fairy and giving away a Samsung Focus Flash, this week!

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Wordless Wednesday: When Killer Dust Bunnies Attack!

Killer Dust Bunnies are Shedding!
See, we are so raising killer dust bunnies AND oh man how they shed (the nasty little buggers) no worries, we've sort of grown used to living with each other and you can't even really notice they're around, once the sun goes down.

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Freshly-brewed elsewhere:  I'm donning wings, playing an AT&T phone fairy and giving away a Samsung Focus Flash, this week!

© This Full House 2003-2019. All rights reserved.

George Bailey Meets Clark W. Griswold, Jr.

Liz and Garth (not his real name) Christmas 2011
My husband, Garth (not his real name) works for a bank.  Don't worry, he's still a really, really nice guy. 

In fact, his customers think he's gosh-darned decent enough to switch from the much BIGGER bank he used to work for.

Previously known as, "the bank that shall not be named."

Now, he works for a small local community bank and I often times joke about my being married to George Bailey (look it up, youngsters) oh, and how my husband is REAL GOOD with OTHER people's money.

Still, I decided to invest in a new dress for their holiday party, seeing as I wore the same dress for the last 2 years and, even though I'd be hard-pressed to remember what the heck anyone else wore (unless it was REAL shiny or SUPER short!)

I took my 16 year-old dress shopping with me, just in case.

Christmas Party Getup 2011

Okay, so it is a bit shorter and a whole lot shiny-er than I would have picked (did I mention, the kid is 16?)

Still, it was nice to be able to dress up and pretend like I know how to walk in heels, without fear of breaking my neck, climbing an elegantly-carpeted-and-ever-so-winding-staircase, on the way to the bathroom, for a few hours anyway.

Aaaaand, we had a really, really great time together (see pic at top of post) UNTIL!!!!


When my husband, Garth (not his real name) tried to quickly finish putting up the Christmas lights before heading over to my parents' house for dinner and, well, have you seen the movie Christmas Vacation, yet?

"Maybe, I shoulda done a drum roll, or something?"

[blank stare]

George Bailey, meet Clark Griswold!

[sound of crickets]

I blamed the kids, don't judge.

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