Wordless Wednesday: When Killer Dust Bunnies Attack!
D'OH! A Deer!

TGIF! Even, when it's really only Wednesday!


Just a few afterthoughts:

  • Yes, I really did videotape this on Wednesday, pretending like it was Friday and trust me when I tell you [looks into mirror, quickly turns away for fear of turning into stone] it's a good thing.
  • I really do obsess about my hair way too much.
  • Bast should really be a real word.
  • Middle girl's appointment went well-ish.  No emergency procedure necessary.  Being treated for a wicked infection.  Will re-evaluate next step(s) after the holidaze.
  • I really didn't know how yesterday was going to play out.
  • Spent the rest of the day at the mall.
  • My feet STILL hurt.
  • Still, was out at the buttcrack of dawn driving middle girl to school, 30 minutes away.
  • So, vlogging on Wednesday, pretending it was Friday, worked out well (see bullet, above.)
  • Oh, and SO GLAD I didn't take my husband's car:  he got a flat tire on the way to work, this morning.
  • Also, if you're still here, you really do deserve a GREAT weekend...oh, and chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.
  • Special shout-out and virtual hugs to my friends Patty of A Day in My NYC and Heather!

Peace out and have a GREAT weekend (for real!)

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Freshly-brewed elsewhere:  I'm donning wings, playing an AT&T phone fairy and giving away a Samsung Focus Flash, this week!

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