The sea cucumber turns to the mollusk and says, "With fronds like these, who needs anemones?"
Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Jersey Shore (No, not THAT one!)

Don't Have a Happy Place? Feel Free to Borrow Mine!

You know what bugs me?  Besides, waiting in the doctor's office for more than 20 minutes (unless Ellen Degeneres is on) with folks who insist on changing television channels, without asking (see previous parenthesis) who probably are the same ones riding my rear bumper (newsflash: fast lane is on the left) then, pass me on the right (dumbass) only to slow the heck way down (ditto) oh and the Kardashians (enough said!)

Um, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, you know what bugs me?  Serial complainers, who insist that life sucks and do NOT even try to convince them otherwise.

Lest, you get all caught up in the suckage and then, well, it becomes one BIG (and bad) blame-storming session, yes?

Still, it's good to vent.

So, yesterday, I woke up feeling like pond slime (stomach bug, enough said) and must of have looked just as awful (probably more) to the point where my husband asked my oldest to stay home and help me complete the morning and afternoon runs (no pun, intended) seeing as I spent most of the morning (and afternoon) in the bathroom/library, which is typically is my happy place.

Aaaaaand, this is where some folks would be all, like, wait a minute, you had your kid stay home from school on purpose?!?

Yes, because it's good to be the only other driver in the house and technically it was actually my husband who called her out of school.

[sound of crickets, chirping] 

Would it help if I told you that she also finished the laundry?

[cue happy dance]

Aaaaanyway, it helped.  Because, I was able to sleep it off (when not stalking my new bff, the bathroom, I mean) and today, I'm feeling much more human, thankyouverymuch!

"Mom, I don't feel so good!"

Good thing, too.

"Me either, Mommy!"

Seeing as the suckage is about to get a leeeeetle deeper up in here, DAMNIT.

Morale of the Story:  Pass the toilet paper, I'm done!

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the OTHER bathroom -- it has a vent.

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