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Now Playing: The Brilliantly Brilliant Anti-Dog Whisperer

Photo of Doofus-Dawg (not his real name) courtesy of HeatherrMarie (a.k.a. the middle girl.) Each of my kids has a special talent. WAIT!!! Where you going?!? Please, COME BACK!!! I don't mean like in a "Look how brilliantly shine-y they are!" sort of way. Although, considering I gave birth to each and every one of them and my being SUCH A BIG DORK, that in and of itself is an amazing thing, really. Aaaaanyway, my point is -- because, I really do have one and will try to get to it as quickly as dorkishly possible -- we're technically raising our kids pretty much the same way (since kid one, really) and still they end up, growing up, with very different personalities. Which simply means my husband Garth (not his real name) and I STILL don't know what the heck we're doing half the time and I swear it comes... Read more →

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Parenting Tip #2,189,562: Talking to Your Kids About Sex, Drive and Let Them Do ALL the Talking FIRST!

I was in the 5th grade when we were herded into gym class to watch someone's mother (or, maybe she was an older sister, I forget) as she wrestled with a "sanitary belt" (I know, I'm old, shuddup!) and we wondered what in the heck the boys were doing, right at that moment. I first French-kissed a boy in the 6th grade, in between a chain-linked fence that separated the baseball field from the basketball courts and spent the next few weeks in absolute terror until one of my friends finally convinced me that...uh, no and DER! can NOT get pregnant from kissing. Aaaand, thus ends the extent of my education into womanhood. Then, I had children and I swore up, down and sideways that MY kids will not be afraid to ask me ANYTHING about, well, EVERYTHING! "Mom, what's an erection." Except, this one time when I jerked the... Read more →

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All the Leaves Are Brown, Let's Smell Them!

A couple of weeks ago my middle girl and I were hiking in the woods -- yes, like in trees, we have lots of them here in Jersey -- when I suddenly stopped to take this picture and managed to annoy quite a few joggers along the way. Can't help it, I want to remember. The sound of the trickling water was just so calming and then the smell of the wet leaves hit, bringing me back to my childhood, when my twin brother and I would dig for creepy crawlies and begin taking turns imagining the most fantastic stories of hidden little imaginary worlds. I've since shared these stories with my children AND with my husband, Garth (not his real name) who learned of my fascination with tree spirits on our first "day date" and, well, yes, now that they're older, my kids are just as surprised as you... Read more →

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Power of Positive Thinking, Richardless

Um, yeah, about my last post, sorry about that. Admitting that I sometimes experience dark feelings of angst and perhaps rely on other people's happiness, way too much, is not very conducive to engaging in an easy-breezy, go ahead take your shoes off and get comfortable, sort of conversation, right? Also, not my typical writing style. I blame it on having been home-bound for the last few weeks, harboring a fugitive kidney stone (his name is Richard, Dick for short) then being slammed with a wicked head cold, just when I was really beginning to feel pretty good -- especially, from the neck up. Compounded by consuming large amounts of mindless TV (stay away from Bravo, it's highly addictive!) while the children and my husband took turns tucking me into the couch, or bringing me fresh boxes of tissues and herbal tea. Then, it hit me like a ton of... Read more →

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As I See It, The Difference Between Envy and Jealousy is Most Likely a Nice Shade of Turquoise

My 16yo dreams of being a famous photographer and it shows. I'm a pretty tolerant mom. I don't have very many rules when it comes to my kids picking and choosing their friends. In fact, if anything, my husband and I try to encourage our children to be as open-minded and non-judgmental as they would want others to be. Until, one of them has a falling out and, well, easier said than done, right? On the one hand, it's difficult to remain objective while watching your child's heart break, as she drenches your shoulder with snot, believing that the world is indeed coming to an end and not want to rip their so-called bestie a new one. Then again, speaking as an adult (mostly) it's a little easier to understand that we each carry our own pain which, more often than not, influences the decisions we make in life, good... Read more →

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Valentine's Day Movie Meme: 14 Memorable Chick Flick Moments

Oh, HEY! Guess what? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day (SURPRISE!) so, rather than bore you with details of my ultrasound of the killer kidney stone from hell (you're welcome!) I thought it would be fun to participate in a meme in which I get to share my 14 favorite chick flick moments . Because, I am ALL about bringing the fun back into blogging. [sound of crickets, chirping] Oh, c'mon! You like romantic comedies, right? No? That's okay. You get to be the one in charge of trashing this list. It'll be GREAT fun! Ready? 1. What is your favorite romantic comedy? 50 First Dates: I love this movie. Truth be told, a lot of my favorite romantic comedies star Drew Barrymore. The woman is so gosh-darned likable in ALL of them (DAMMIT!) FAVORITE BIT: (Dr. Keats) Tom lost part of his brain in a hunting accident. His memory only lasts... Read more →

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