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Like the Little Kidney Stone That Could, I Continue to Serve As a Cautionary Tale for Moms (and Dads!)

  Hospital Room

I told the E.R. nurse I was feeling cruddy for over a week now (give or take a bathroom stop, or twenty) but, I just shrugged it off as the kids sharing a stomach bug, or something, as she continued to draw my blood and nod her head very sympathetically.

I stared at the ceiling (I'm not a very good bleeder) recapping my symptoms, the first of many more times to come:

  • Stomach pain, radiating to my lower back
  • Pressure in lower abdomen, similar to contractions
  • Feeling sick, nausea
  • Frequent bathroom stops

All of which I promptly ignored, coming downstairs the night before to make myself a place on the couch so as not to disturb my husband, thinking this too shall pass.

The next morning, I made an appointment for my youngest daughter's well visit (true story, it's on my Facebook timeline) and then made a mental decision to just continue to work right through the pain.

Until, my oldest walked through our front door and found me, while trying to talk on the phone with my husband, doubled-over and gasping for air.

"Change of plans...GASP!...I'm having dad drive me to...GASP!...the hospital."

You see, I called my husband Garth (NHRN) a few minutes earlier just to let him know that I may or may not take myself over to the doctor's office and I was a little pissed that he then called his dad to come over, just in case.

"Sounds like a kidney stone."

I thought, NAH!  Kidney stones are his thing, not mine.  There isn't any history of stones in my family.

"I'm thinking...GASP!...some sort of infection."

Can you tell we've been married over 20 years?  Arguing symptoms and self-diagnosing, like that? 

Long story, short (you're welcome) turns out we were BOTH right. 

FB Kidney Stone from Hell

Aaaaand, a wicked bacterial infection that caused me to spike a temperature during my hospital stay (twice) which they say had me about two steps away from sepsis (I am NOT EVEN looking that up) and the stupid kidney stone is still there.

Going Home
After a few days of ICK! and getting the word from my Grey's Anatomy-type handsome doctors (seriously, looking like this?) I can FINALLY go home!

Although, not as pretty (I'm pretty sure, anyway) the stone is the size of a 3mm diamond stud earring and it's stuck somewhere in my nether regions.

Which means:  every time I go the bathroom, it's NOW an adventure!

"Just think of it as your going out and panning for gold."

Dry humor aside, my husband Garth (NHRN) has been PHENOMENAL throughout this whole mess, I don't know HOW the kids and I could have gone through the last few days of ICK! without him.

Even though he insists on treating me like some sort of invalid.

"I can't get up."

Turns out, he's right.  I can't do a gosh-darned thing without asking for help and any mom (or dad) will tell you...DUDE!...it is SO NOT a good feeling.

Morale of the Story:  Don't put yourself last!!!  Or go ahead, then give yourself a good kick in the ass, for me, okay?

This morning, my oldest daughter emailed her teachers to let them know that she's taking care of me along with my youngest daughter who is also home from school with a fever today.

"My teachers all told me to tell you to get better and that they understand."

They ALL happen to be moms and dads, too.

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