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My son came home from school the other day, threw his backpack into the dining room, I asked him how his day went (fine) if he had any homework (no) and if he was sure he did not have any homework (uh, wait a minute, I dunno, maybe) he's 13, enough said.

"Oh, and hugging is now against the rules in the middle school."

Seriously, I thought he was kidding.

"No, seriously mom, they made an announcement and everything."

Aaaand, two questions immediately came to mind:

  1. Who got caught doing what?

  2. Aaaand, seriously?

I usually don't write about controversial sort of stuff AND at the risk of bringing on the torches and pitchforks:  honestly, I get it.  My kids are older.  They attend 4 different schools.  3 of them are teens.  I am way past knee-jerk reactions when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Mostly, because it takes me a good minute or 90 to really think about what's going on: gauging my reaction based on how it will affect my kid(s) and the decisions he or she makes, sometime down the road. 

Aaaand, let me tell you, this particular parenting tactic does not fair well with teenagers -- especially, when adopting the mantra of, "You know, adults make mistakes too!"

Throwing a bunch of nonsensical rules in their faces?  In my humble opinion?  Might as well save yourself a lot of time and aggravation:  ask the kid to go ahead and just, you know, do whatever it is you don't want them to do. 

Kids figure this sort of stuff out for themselves, with or without our help, pretty gosh-darned fast too.

With that said, before anyone starts believing I am anti-establishment or that I let my kids go all feral and everything (my 18 year-old still has a bedtime, just so you know) there should indeed be boundaries set:  at home, as well as in school.

Aaaaand, therein lies the rub (pun intended!) call out the kid whose girlfriend is grinding down on his lap at lunchtime (true story) or the kids exploring each others tonsils in front of the 7th grade lockers and any boy who fondles or slaps a girl on her ass should be dealt with immediately.

Have the kid(s) take responsibility and answer to their inappropriate behavior, accordingly.

Aaaaand, if he or she happens to be my kid?  Well then call me and rest assured I will indeed take care of my precious.

That's my job.

However, don't make me have to explain to my 10 year-old why hugging would be considered bad behavior:  because, apparently, it is not allowed in her school either.

Besides, I don't need any help sounding any more stupid....than my kids already believe me to be...thankyouverymuch.

I'm a hugger, enough said.

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Note:  Post title courtesy of my friend Gina -- who texted me if I would post about this or not and then asked to be quoted -- it's okay, she knows I'm a hugger, too. 

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