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I'm Vloggy and I Know It!

Inspired by an incredible interlude with my long lost mojo, this morning...I hope it lasts...I blame Tara :)

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This was only a test; if this had been a real emergency, I'd be wearing matching underwear!

My oldest daughter started her FIRST part-time job last week (THANKYOUBABYJESUS!) so, I've been driving her to and from work, after school.

Her job is about 20-30 minutes further south, depending on traffic (which is how we measure driving distance here in Jersey) and, considering we live along the busiest highways leading to the Jersey Shore, it is a bit of a hairy commute.

Which is pretty much the reason why I drive my oldest daughter to/home from work.

Yes, she has her driver's license (SOB!) however, we only have the one car to share between us and, well, you know.

She is saving up for a down payment on a non-minivan and, at this rate, she'll be lucky enough to be able to afford gas for the gosh-darned thing; not to mention car insurance and clean underwear.

We live in Jersey, enough said.

It's really not all that bad (mostly) she works twice a week (for now) and every other weekend and my husband can help with that, unless, you know, he's working that weekend UGH!

I'm just glad the timing happens to work out well with my youngest daughter's softball schedule. 

Plus, my middle two are bused (AND THEN THE ANGELS BEGAN TO SING!) so, no more worries about getting them to and from school.

My youngest, on the other hand, is still a walker (which is an oxymoron, because she still gets to and from school, in a vehicle, really) however, we have a mutually agreed upon meeting place that does NOT involve my having to actually enter the school parking lot.

I learned of it from a few other parents who also have this thing about school parking lots.

Plus, there's this one particular boy who insists on carrying Hope's book bag and, honestly, it's sort of cute.

Except maybe on Tuesdays and Thursday.


[squints at clock]


Okay, most definitely NOT on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"We have to get Holly to work!!!!"

However, I don't know which is funnier:  the look on the other kid's face?!?

"GAH!!!  I FORGOT!!!"

Or, his hauling ass after my kid...STILL holding her book bag...each AND every time?!?

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Did We Not Learn Anything With Footloose?

My son came home from school the other day, threw his backpack into the dining room, I asked him how his day went (fine) if he had any homework (no) and if he was sure he did not have any homework (uh, wait a minute, I dunno, maybe) he's 13, enough said.

"Oh, and hugging is now against the rules in the middle school."

Seriously, I thought he was kidding.

"No, seriously mom, they made an announcement and everything."

Aaaand, two questions immediately came to mind:

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3/21 #BBRadio Interview With Liz Thompson @ThisFullHouse (Hey, yeah and WOW! That's me!)

I had the EXTREME pleasure of being invited, along with Rita Pacenta (a.k.a. Look It's Megryansmom) and Kat Tierney (a.k.a. Sassy Irish Lassie), to speak with the amazing Beth Rosen  on the #BBRadio show -- a SocialRevUp brands blogger show -- that aired LIVE last, you won't have access to a delete BIG dork...GULP!

Just in case you missed it, here it is:

Listen to internet radio with SocialRevUp on Blog Talk Radio

Frankly, I was a little nervous.  Okay, I was >this< close to wigging out.   Honestly, this is not an every day sort of thing for me, you know, exposing myself on an internet radio show (figuratively speaking, of course)!

So, after I got home from softball practice with my youngest, my husband sent me to my room with a glass of wine and two telephone handsets, you know, just in case:  SCORE!!!

So, yeah, it's a fun way to get to learn a little more about why and how I started blogging in the age before Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, know, around the time they invented the wheel, or something...and why I split my blog in two as This Full House and This Full House Gone Shopping.

Did I mention, I'm a Gemini?  Oh, and apparently, my Jersey was showing...just a little.

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Cross-posted on my gone shopping blog and proudly flying the "I am a dork" flag.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: You Know You're a Blogger, When...

Sue's Walk Beach

While visiting with another dear bloggy-type friend (Hey, Sue!) before heading home (SOB!) she drives you to one of her favorite photo walks, turns the corner and you cover your mouth with your hand...trying REAL HARD not to swallow your gum.


While on your way home and at the risk of being called out as an Out-of-Stater (or, Stay-tah if you're from New England) you randomly pull over, take a few minutes to balance yourself on the driver's side seat, hoping you remembered to pull the parking break (ahem) then hold your breath and try to capture that very one heartbeat or less.


Okay, maybe two...I blame Sue.

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Good Prom Dress Hunting


I promised my oldest that we would go prom dress hunting this weekend (SOB!) and just so there was no question on whether or not she would keep me to that promise, see pic above.

So, when my husband Garth (not his real name) and I got back from taking Doofus-Dawg to the dog park yesterday afternoon (whole other blog post, will save it for another time, you're welcome!) the girls and I headed out to the mall.

Actually, it was Holly's idea to invite her sisters along (NOT MINE!) and, well, if you have EVER had the pleasure of shopping with teenagers (bonus points if they happened to be girls) then, you know.

Even my youngest was all, like, "You mean you WANT me to go prom dress shopping with you, on purpose?!?"

At 10 years-old she knows:  going to senior prom is a REALLY BIG DEAL.  She's a girl.  They figure this sort of stuff out REAL FAST.  Trust me.  I've got 3 of them (girls, I mean) and they talk, you know?

Still, shopping in the junior's department can be a little scary.  Plus, I've heard stories.

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Flirtexting: While Under the Influence of Children

My husband, Garth (not his real name) had a local Chamber of Commerce thingy to attend last night and, considering it was held at one of our favorite pubs, I'm thinking perhaps it's high time I joined the Chamber of Commerce.

Clearly, those Chamber of Commerce folks know how to, you know, thingy.

Aaaaanyway, Garth (NHRN) and I have been feeling a little estranged, lately (okay, for the last 18 years) but not on purpose, or anything.

We have 4 kids.  3 of whom are teens.  Enough said.

Aaaaanyhow, I thought it would be fun to send him a few flirtatious texts to, you know, shake his thingy up a bit.

So, I sent him this:

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