My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Visiting With My Friend Sue. You Know, She Lives in a Hamlet. Hates Lobster.
My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Day 2 - A Last-Minute Snowstorm and Sunday Suppah on Saturday.

My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Day 1 - When Getting There is HALF the Fun

Sue and Me at The Cape!
My husband, Garth (NHRN) made me drive 6 1/2 hours, by myself, to be with this woman (yes, on purpose!)

The morning I left for My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO (Friday, I think!) three out of four of the kids were off from school -- my 16yo attends a specialized high school, they run on a slightly different schedule and no she was NOT happy about it -- but, my son was still VERY upset.

"I had a dream that you died." send off...EVUH...right?!?

"Is there something you're not telling us, Mom?"

Even if there was, it wouldn't matter, teenagers will make up their own stories.

"Like, do'ya have some sort of disease?"

See what I mean? 

"An incurable flesh-eating disease or something?"

[eyes go wide]

"Aaaand, you're going away so we don't have to watch?"

A bit extreme, I know (even for a 13yo boy) still, I guess it's sort of difficult for the kids to understand, knowing how much I hate...Hate...HAte...HATe...HATE to drive in traffic (seriously, it's tour-chuh!)

So, why would I even consider driving 6 hours to go and visit with my friend Sue up in Cape Cod and, you know, NOT take them with me?

Because, my husband Garth (NHRN) made me do it (yes, I'm keeping him!)  Although, he didn't have to try and convince me, all that hard, really.

G2NO Start
G2NO At the Starting Line

Garth (NHRN) let me borrow his car (it's way nicer and cleaner than mine) I had the guys at the gas station fill up the gas tank (for the last time, before having to do it myself) and made sure my co-pilot, Tom Tom, was comfortable.

Connecticut Welcome Center
Thanks, but I can't help but feel Connecticut was way less excited about, you know, my being there!

Aaaaand, I clocked about 100 miles before making my first pit stop in Connecticut and, judging by the size of the iced coffee I finished 50 miles back, I was AMAZED that my bladder made it THAT long. 

2nd Pit Stop in Mystic CT
What?!? I get REAL thirsty on roadtrips, okay?!?

Made a second pit stop in Mystic (also in Connecticut) and, having clocked nearly 200 miles at this point in my trip, I was AMAZED about my, you know, STILL being in Connecticut...DAMMIT!

3rd and Final Pit Stop in Massachusetts
Man, but those New Englanders LOVE their DD!

I blew right through Rhode Island (sorry about that, I haven't had diet soda in a while) and made my third and FINAL pit stop in Dartmouth, MA.  I was a little taken aback by all the "Residential Quiet Zone" signage insisting that drivers "BE RESPECTFUL" and then did what any self-respecting Jerseyite would, you know, do.

I blew the car's horn...YO!

What?!?  I'd been on the road for nearly 4 hours and was feeling a little stabby.  Perhaps if they had asked nicely, in lowercase, I would have found a way to restrain myself.

Sue's Quiet Zone
Welcome to Chatham, MA. It's quiet this time of year. I still found a way to restrain myself.

I made it to Cape Cod just in time for wine o'clock (WHOOT!) where Sue and I hugged (repeatedly) then sipped on a glass of crispy-sweet white wine, before heading down to one of her favorite spots, where I forgot ALL about how tired I was AND life was good.

The Red Nun

UNTIL!  We went out to dinner and I was coerced into being very, very bad...downright filthy, in fact...I blame the Red Nun!

Next up:  Day 2 - Swimming Our Way Thru a Last-Minute Snowstorm and An Invitation to Sunday Suppah on Saturday.

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