My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Day 1 - When Getting There is HALF the Fun
Flirtexting: While Under the Influence of Children

My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Day 2 - A Last-Minute Snowstorm and Sunday Suppah on Saturday.

Chatham Beach Snowy
Chatham's Lighthouse Beach is there, somewhere, promise.

I had exactly one week to plan my Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO to visit my friend Sue in Cape Cod (you know, she lives in a hamlet, hates lobster) and by that I mean wrestling with mother's guilt (which never gets old, btw, sorry!) and tuning into The Weather Channel 24/7.

It's like Mother Nature is going all pre-menopausal here on the East Coast and, well, my luck (or, lack thereof) I would make it ALL THE WAY THROUGH CONNECTICUT (sorry, driving through non-stop traffic in such a long state requires UPPERCASE not to mention a few choice expletives) only to get stuck in a snow storm in Massachusetts.

Or, snow stahm (if you're from Massachusetts) either way, I HATE DRIVING IN SNOW!!!

Thankfully, I made it up to Sue's house relatively unscathed.  Although, I did leave a piece of my bladder in most of Connecticut and there really should be an express lane to Sue's house.

Good thing the snow didn't hit the proverbial fanbelt until Day 2!

Sue's Windowsill
His name is Pierre and I believe he's holding a French loaf.

I got up early on Saturday morning, wished a "Good Morning," to Michelle Obama (I'd like to stay another night, so I don't ask) looked out the window (couldn't find the remote to check the Weather Channel and immediately felt at home) and, because Sue doesn't drink coffee (no judging) I went out to hunt breakfast, before the rest of the house woke up.

Which they would thank me for, later.

Snowing in Cape Cod

I kept looking out the window.  In just a matter of minutes (seriously, the sun was shining at DD just down the road!) it was obvious that we had a full-blown storm (sorry, stahm) on our hands and the possibility of my being "snowed in" came up, once or the twenty-times it took me to convince the kids back in Jersey, "Yes it IS SO snowing!!!" 

Headed to the Beach (I think!)
Sue: Oh look, it really IS snowing. Want to go to the beach? Me: Yes, I'd love to! (she was driving and least I think we were going to the beach!)

 Obviously, she was driving and yes it got THIS dark and snowy at 8-something-or-another in the morning, but THIS time The Weather Channel was watching us!

Weather Channel Tweet

Totally cool and at the same time a little freaky, right?!?  It went from sunny, to snowy, to rainy, to windy in just one day (Holy Hannah Montana why did I even bother to bring the hairspray?)



We spent the rest of the day INDOORS (snow on the beach, brrrr!) and we watched sweet Brookie (Sue's youngest) kick ass during a swim meet (waving to the L's!) pretending that I actually had a reason to be at the swim meet (they ARE SO my pretend family!)


Saw the most beautiful sunset from Sally's house!

By the time we got to Sue's parents' house for dinner, my hair was permanently pasted to the left side of my head (reason you won't see any pictures, with me in them, in this post, you're welcome!)


But, DAYUM if Sally and her husband (you know, Mr. Sally) didn't have SUCH a gorgeous view from their deck, I secretly wished the snow would come back and, you know, I would liked to have seen the sunrise, as well.


Sue and her family celebrate Sunday dinner (like we do with my parents) however they call it "suppah" and were SO GRACIOUS to move it to Saturday night, giving me at least another good 3 hours of pretending that I actually, you know, live on Cape Cod.


Don't worry.  My husband Garth (not his real name) already knows and would totally agree with me.  It's our pretend home.  Aaaaand, can you really blame us?

Next up:  Day 3 - The Homecoming (or the day I stalked Harry Connick Jr.) I blame Sue!

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