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My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Day 1 - When Getting There is HALF the Fun

My Bloggy Little Roadtrip #G2NO: Visiting With My Friend Sue. You Know, She Lives in a Hamlet. Hates Lobster.

Me and Sue
Me and Sue (a.k.a. As Cape Cod Turns) BlogHer 2009

I first met my bloggy-friend Sue IRL (in real life and from behind the computer screen) while attending BlogHer 2009 and, right away, it became clear to me that we were very much alike.

Okay, except maybe for the fact that Sue has blonde hair while I'm...hang on a second...(looks in mirror)...a brunette (this month, anyway!)

Aaaaanyways, she lives in a hamlet.  No, really, they have them up there in Cape Cod, MA.  Or, you may know it as Cape Cad (if you're from New England) also, Cape Cawd (if you're from Jersey).

Also, Sue does not like lobster.  Or, lab-stah (like they say it over thah, in Cape Cad) also, lawb-stuh (if you're from Jersey) YO, what's wrong wit-chews?!?

Aaaaanyways, I LOVE CAPE COD (et al)!

My husband and I honeymooned there, we've taken our children along (after the honeymoon, of course!) on many family vacations, together with friends and even celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary where Sue know...up Cape Cad.

It's our pretend home!

Sooooo, when Sue and I were finally introduced in Chicago, by a mutual friend who lives in Chicago (go figure) and after hanging out at BlogHer 2010 (figuratively speaking, of course, as far as I remember, anyways) we promised to try and get together the next time we found ourselves...up Cape Cad.

Okay, I'll stop with the various pronunciations now, my mouth hurts.

Me and Sue 2
Me and Sue Summer 2011 (she's still blonde and I'm, well, a little closer, this time!)

The following summer, our ENTIRE CLAN invaded her little hamlet and had some really great lobster.  Except for Sue, of course.  She hates lobster, remember?  Which is sort of weird, since she does live in a fishing village.  It really and truly is a pretty little hamlet.

Great, now I'm hungry.

Aaaaanyways, I am SOOOOO EXCITED to be visiting with Sue and her clan for the weekend (WHOOT!)

I'm leaving on Friday and perhaps may be on the road, right this very minute, depending on when you're reading this...[waving to you, from a rest stop no doubt]...but, this time...I will be clan-less.

My husband, Garth (not his real name) has generously volunteered to hold down the fort (yes, I'm keeping him!) while I take my bloggy little know...on the road and spend a Girls' 2 Nights Out with my anti-lobster friend Sue.

Although, I am a little nervous about it.  Did I mention, Cape Cod is 4 states away and about a 5 hour drive from Jersey?

Aaaaand, if you're still all, like, "Meh, big deal," then you have NEVER had the distinct displeasure of driving through the ENTIRE state of Connecticut...YO, what's wrong wit-chews?!?

Sorry about that, you can take the girl out of Jersey...etc...

Aaaaanyways, I'll be Twitter-ing and Facebook-ing along the way (I get lonely driving by myself) during my various pit stops (and thirsty) so, wish me luck, as I head out on my adventure and I'll see you soon. 

You and your pretty little hamlet too, Sue!!!

(P.S. Oh my gosh, Sue just posted a Facebook pic of my pretend bedroom for the next couple of days!)

(P.P.S. Wonder if Garth NHRN would mind it much if I ammeded the hashtag to #G6NO?)

(P.P.P.S. I'm kidding, Garth NHRN...sort of!)

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