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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: You Know You're a Blogger, When...

A Pear of Hearts
A Pear of Hearts

After finishing perhaps the juiciest pear on the planet (seriously, you SHOULD be salivating) when one of your kids walks by, looks down at your plate and hollers:


[eyes go WIDE, slides teeth over teeth, checks for creepy crawlies]

"Let me get your camera!!!"

Aaaaand, after nearly 9 years of hitting the publish button, proving once again that old school bloggers never die, they're just busy trying to remember where in the h.e.double hockey sticks they put their camera, as said nearly-grown kids continue to provide you with some really gosh-darn good blog fodder. 

As for me?  I'm shooting for the 10 year pin. 

[whips off reading glasses]

YES!!!  There IS SO a pin...DAMMIT!!!

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