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Aaaaand, Now For More "Break Curfew and I'll Show This Video to Your Girl/Boyfriend!" Blog Fodder

My son's voice is changing.  A lot.  It's okay, he knows he sounds funny.  So, I shot this quick video while hunting for apple cider donuts during spring break, last week.

Aaaaand, now I'm sorta mad at myself for not thinking of doing something like this back when I first started blogging...9 years ago...when he was 4 years-old (I think) because it would have made for some really awesome "Break curfew and I'll show this video to your girlfriend!" blog fodder.

So, I video-taped my youngest for good measure.  You know, seeing as the kid is 10...going on 29...and most likely eloping, getting married jumping out of an airplane, or something involving the use of some sort of underwater breathing apparatus, anyway.

Then, she can send me THAT video and we'll go ahead and just call it even. 

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Want a donut?  I skinned it and everything!

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