Stranded in San Diego and What the Heck is Jamba Juice, Anyways?
So Emotional, I Blame Glee (and @BurghBaby!)

Desperate Times, Call For Desperate Measures & They Were Probably NOT Her Real Nails, Anyways!

At Hope's Honors Band Concert
Hope's Elementary Honors Band Concert 4-21-12

We have lots of stuff scheduled on the calendar for this month (what, you too?!?) however, my being stranded at the airport in San Diego on Friday night was NOT one of them.

Truth be told, it's not a really bad place to be stranded, really.  Also, Jamba Juice?  Strawberry Whirl?  Yeah, I get it now. 

Aaaaand, I was able to get on a direct flight to Jersey (thank you, United!!!) a red eye that would get me home in time to catch Hopey's concert.

I had a really nice driver waiting for me (thank you, LeAndria!) who insisted that these sort of things happen all the time.

The baggage claim handler, however, was not as understanding.

"Wait, I...just...don't...get it...why is your bag in Denver?!?"


"Well, didn't they give you a baggage claim?"

20 minutes later (I kid you NOT!) I'm STILL trying to make Ms. Crotchety Airline Employee  understand why I don't have my baggage claim ticket (obviously, I picked an awful time to lose the stickin' thing!) and was trying not to CRINGE each time she scraped a talon on her keyboard.


"I just don't understand, wait a minute, where are you from?"

[heavy sigh]

"HERE, I'm from here."


"You know, bee-cawse you look aww-fully fuh-mill-yuh."

I took a deep breath, rubbed my eyes, glanced back to see if my driver ditched me (still there, bless his heart) because, if there's one thing I've learned flying as often as I have in the last few years, you just gotta let people like Crotchety Airline Employee tawk. 

"You know, there's a reason why they give people baggage claim tickets."

[heavy sigh]

"Really? I just want to get home to my 10 year-old."

[eyes go wide]

"Awwww, is she sick?"

[one beat, two beats]

"Uh...YES, yes she is."


"Found it!"

What?!?  Okay, so my kid wasn't really sick.  However, in review of this week:

  • I missed her FIRST softball game on Wednesday night.
  • Her D.A.R.E. graduation on Thursday.
  • I was, to make it to the D.A.R.E. graduations for my other, like whyyyyyyyyyy caaaaaaaaaan't I make herrrrrrrrrrrrs?!?

 Desperate times, desperate measures and all.

"Oh, look, the friggin' computer just went down?"

[rubbing eyes, again]

"That's okay, maybe one of my other kids can take care of her."

[eyes go wide]

"How many kids DO you have?"




"Ohhhhhhh-kaaaaaay, here's your new claim ticket."


"You poor thing!"

What?!?  I made it home AND had time for a quick nap.  The concert was AWESOME and, well, Hope seemed very happy to see me there!

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Fiiiiiiiiine, they probably weren't Crotchety Airline Employee's real nails...either...AND my bag was delivered yesterday, enough said.

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