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The House Next Door: The Appraisal

The House Next Door: Under Contract

The House Next Door 2
If houses could talk, ours would be complaining about that weird neighbor, too ;)

My son had one of his buddies over for a playdate...ummmm, I mean...the guys were just sort of hanging know...not doing nothing, together (got to be REAL careful how you blog about a 13-year-old, just sayin') which, of course, allowed me a chance to catch up with one of my momfriends.

"Did the lady next door pass?"

[eyes go wide]

"Which lady?"

Because, you know, there happens to be a house, with a lady living next door, on either side of us, and, well, you have to be REAL specific when asking me questions.

"Your 103-year-old neighbor."

I've blogged about Miss Grace many, many times over the past 9 years.  In fact, I got my first ever publishing gig outside this blog by submitting one of my favorite stories about her

The last time I wrote about the house next door, however, I thought she was 104.

"I don't think so, why?"

Then again, age doesn't really matter (DAMMIT!) especially, once you've lived over a century and, well, good thing I have momfriends who know more about my neighbors...than I do.

"Because, there's a for sale sign outside her house."

Aaaaaand, momfriends can be a REAL asset...especially, when they are much more observant know...I am.

"I just thought they were helping her clean up the yard, or something."

Long story short (you're welcome) Miss Grace is just fine (thank goodness!) but, she hasn't been able to physically keep up with the house (not for the lack of trying, either) so, her family was finally able to convince Miss Grace that she just should not be living...alone...anymore.

"Hey, did you know that the house next door is under contract?"

Another momfriend called me the other day and, well, this is where most folks would be surprised to learn just how much I really do rely on my know...for stuff like this.

Not to mention, I have more than one momfriend.

"Yeah, I know."

The house has been on the market for only, like, a month.  Considering it is even older than Miss Grace (her father built it) and the property is HUGE (at least a double-lot, like ours) I'm guessing the house next door is being bid on by a contractor, or something.

"Sooooo, are you guys going to allow the buyer make an offer on your house?" be continued.

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