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So Emotional, I Blame Glee (and @BurghBaby!)

Resident Gleek
Just another Gleek rocking out to Whitney!

Yes, yes, I know.  Then again, I am a total dork from waaaaaay back.  Who knew being dorky/geeky/nerdy/whatever-y would be so cool and would you believe that I have NEVER blogged about Glee?

Truth be told, I sometimes forget it's on.

Me:  Why aren't you in the shower?
10 year-old:  Glee is on!

Or our resident Gleek forgets know...tell me...for fear of being subjected to my singing along and no, I do NOT blame her.

Last night's episode, however, was a tribute to Whitney Houston and, well, the two of us?  We have a history.  In fact, we spent many nights on the dance floor together, singing our hearts out and insisting would be really, really, really nice to dance with somebody...DAMMIT!

"Is the show going to end, you know, now that the kids are graduating?"

My 13 year-old son?  Not a big fan. 

[eyes go wide]

Aaaaaaand...only then did it really hit a ton of 45's (look it up, youngster!) Holy Hannah Montana, I've got a kid graduating, high school, this year!

Aaaaaaand...oh, how I cried...and cried...OH!...and single-dad Burt's speech to his son, Kurt?  Admitting that he's not ready to say goodbye and how much he'll miss his only son?  I'M BAWWWWWWWWWWLING!!!!

Which begs the question:  how in the heck am I going to get it through my own kid's graduation ceremony, without BAWWWWWWWWWWLING, IRL?!?

Glee Whitney Episode Tweet
Ditto!!! Because, in my head I'm still, like, 19 (never mind, just how long ago WAS that, anyways, whip-puh-snap-puh!) except, now I'm rocking out with shorter hair, looser clothing and better fitting shoes...DAMMIT!

"Oh, I forgot tell you mom, a notice came home about my 5th grade graduation."

[one beat, two beats]


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