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Why Is Everyone in SUCH a Hurry? (Atlernate Title, If You're From Jersey: SLOW THE FRIG DOWN!)

Mommy's little bumper sticker
Mommy's little bumper sticker: seriously, it's on my car right now. What, I'm from Jersey, you got a problem wit-dat?

My 16yo daughter texted me, my husband AND my oldest at 7:05 on her way to school this morning.

"A car just spun out on the parkway and nearly crashed into my bus.  Definitely awake now."

I didn't see the text.  I did hear my cell phone croak in the middle of the night (note to self:  lower volume after 10 p.m.) but, my husband didn't tell me about her text, right away, either.

"I wanted to check in with her first, because I figured you would flip out."

He was right.  Aaaaand, my Jersey may or may not have exposed itself on Facebook.


Same kid, different day, was crossing the street in front of our house a few weeks back and nearly got creamed by a car that came whipping around the 90 degree turn at the head of our street.

Honestly, what IS IT with people and...quoting a friend via my post on Facebook...why is everyone in SUCH a hurry?

Granted, most folks would die of a heart attack, driving behind someone actually adhering to the 25 miles an hour zone (myself included) or getting stuck behind a school bus to and from work (see previous parenthesis).

On the other hand, the car was close enough to my kid, she could have reached out AND actually touched the side mirror AND hear the driver (clearly an adult, btw) curse her out THEN flip my kid the bird.


Because, you know, kids today and their entitlement issues.

Here's the thing:  we live at the gateway of the Jersey Shore (no lie, says so on a billboard, right outside our exit, on the southbound side) which means, as the weather continues to warm (86 degrees today...YO!) it will only get worse.

Aaaaand, I'm not knocking tourists (having been one, my ownself, many times and I am ALL for boosting our local economy, whenever or wherever possible) however, I do seem to have a problem with rude, obnoxious and totally selfish people who leave their brains at home, regardless of where you are from.

That said, I have no use for stupid drivers risking everyone's life to get wherever they are going quicker...period.

Same kid, next year, will be driving too = those are MY kids lives you're messing with.  Enough said.

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