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If It Wasn't For the Graffiti and Hairy Legs, I Would Be Clueless

My youngest daughter is going to the 5th grade dance with someone and I know this for a fact because the front door told me so. Hope has talked (and graffiti'd) about little else since, well, the 4th grade, really, other than maybe her oldest sister's senior prom (ACK!) her 11th birthday (UGH!) oh, and her 5th grade graduation (GAH!) all of which are happening in the same week, next month. Aaaaand, I have absolutely NO CLUE how we will get through ALL these snot-worthy milestones (and by we, I mean mostly me!) because, the fact that I have a... Read more →

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I do not have a pain-management problem, I have a pain problem and maybe a slight case of Trypanophobia.

Blog title inspired by House. Picture, just because. I had my second doctor's appointment scheduled for today. That is to say, I showed up when I was supposed to. Just like last week. Me and about a dozen other people (I think maybe I even recognized a few of them, could be they were still waiting, from last week) staring at Fox News. (HURL!) Me? I watched the day float right on by know...give me the finger. Now that I think on it some more, it's sort of ironic, really: We ALL had appointments We ALL sought treatment for... Read more →

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Don't Laugh At Me, If I Go All Loopy: Find Me a Bathroom, Frappe, Piece of Cake, or Something!

Like the weather, I'm a little foggy about what happened, last night. At the risk of TMI (you're welcome!) suffice it to so that even at the lowest possible dosages of Demerol, my system shuts down and, much to the surprise of everyone (most especially, my obstetrician) I fall asleep. Yep, right in the middle of giving birth...four times. So, to me, non-drowsy simply means: will render you comatose for at least twenty-four hours AND anything stronger than ibuprofen...well...I go ALL loopy-like. Which, for someone who suffers from seasonal allergies AND chronic lower back pain (like I do, dammit) is... Read more →

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