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So, My Kid Passes Out While Visiting Grandpa at the Hospital & Other Stories of You NEVER Know, You Know?

Hope Lemure
She's a sassy lemur.

Sooooo, I'm in my dear, sweet friend Melisa's fancy-schmancy car headed to #BBSummit12, my husband  calls me on my cell phone and after 4 kids AND 20+ years of marriage -- not to mention, having spent a good portion of my oldest daughter's college tuition on repair bills in just the last month or so -- I sort of figured it wasn't good news.

"Are you sitting down?"

Also, Garth (not his real name) knows I'm a fainter.

"I'm here in the hospital with Hope."

My oldest daughter took Hope and picked up Grandma to visit Grandpa in the hospital (he was admitted the night before and recovering from pneumonia) and at first I was all, like, okaaaaaaay, aaaaaaand??????

"Wait, okay, so why are YOU there again?"

Long story, short (you're welcome!) here's a quick run down of the events prior to my getting on the plane:

  • Wednesday:  car breaks down on the way home from visiting my mom and dad (it was 99 degrees out at the time, just so you know).
  • Thursday:  drop car at shop, rent another car so I can get oldest daughter to and from work; yes she can drive, no not a rental; go figure.
  • Friday:  car won't be ready for a few days; so I go extend rental and pray for winning lottery numbers (yeah, right!)
  • Saturday/Sunday:  oldest kid is scheduled to work, on this particular weekend, go figure.
  • Monday:  pick-up car, drop off rental and get some edible food in the house in preparation for the zombie apocalypse (just kidding, sort of!)
  • Tuesday:  Take oldest daughter to work (I know, the car is fixed, but I'm so NOT a big fan of tempting fate) get my haircut (STAT!) pick oldest daughter up from work and then think about the possibility of packing early, NEVER know, right?
  • Wednesday:   happen to glance at calendar and realize that I have a couple of writing deadlines, HOLY CRAP, tomorrow and just knew I should have packed early.
  • Thursday:  son wakes up with a temperature of 103.5 (UGH, again?!?) pediatrician's office is closing early for vacation (we've been keeping her busy) so, we spend next 3 hours at urgent care (I am NOT EVEN kidding!) my butt still hurts.
  • Still Thursday:  get a call while at urgent care with my son that FIL was being admitted to hospital and consider packing early as being highly overrated.

Now maybe you know why I was seriously second-guessing getting on a plane, the next day, or ever, in the first place, right? 

Still.  My son was responding to the antibiotics and my FIL was recovering nicely (thank goodness!) so, I got packing and was super-relieved when my plane finally know...on the ground...the right way...with me STILL on it...and everything.

"Hope took one look at Grandpa and passed out."

Sooooo, my poor husband, Garth (not his real name) spent the next 7 hours with Hope, texting me updates and generally keeping me from going CRAZY with worry or convincing me NOT to take part in any activities involving the use of sharp objects and/or heavy machinery.

"Remember when you passed out that one time taking Mama to the Hospital?"

True story.  I rushed my mother to the hospital during a gallbladder attack, passed out in the bathroom, tore my head open and was the same time she was...her for an emergency gallbladder surgery and me for a concussion.

"Good thing we were BOTH in the hospital when it happened, right Mommy?!?"

Yep...she's my kid, a'ight...and I'm seriously considering taping EVERYONE ELSE up in bubble wrap, while I'm at BlogHer, next month!

Then maybe investing in a couple of sage sticks, cleansing the house with bleach (straight-up!) and perhaps even hiring an exorcist or something.  You know any?

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