The Descent, Jersey Style
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#BlogHer12: Blood, Sweat & Tears AND More Sweat

This was my 6th time attending BlogHer yet here I am again, sitting for nearly an hour in front of a blank screen, wondering "Where in the heck do I start?!?"

Me and Busy Mom
Yeah, I'm hanging out with Busy Mom...WHAT?!?

I could choose to begin by telling you some crazy-assed story of nearly popping a blood vessel just trying to get there, like my dear friend Busymom did, but my train ride into NYC from Jersey is less than an hour and was completely uneventful.

#PopCapMoms Afternoon Tea at the St. Regis Hotel

Or, after attending my first event shortly after arriving into NYC and drinking my weight in tea (that's A LOT of tea, btw) how I had to find a bathroom REAL BAD and was tackled by Jenn in the lobby of the hotel.  

Me and Jenn at MoMA
Me and Jenn scarin' the straights at MoMA

Seriously, nearly had the pee squeezed out of me, that Jenn's SUCH a good huggah!  Not for nothing, but she seems to also enjoy making me pee my pants snort-laughing every blessed chance she gets, bless her heart.

9/11 Memorial: pool of tears.

There were tears, as well.  This was my first visit to the World Trade Center, or downtown NYC for that matter, since the 9/11 attacks.  The rain just added to the terrible feeling of loss and, personally, living just across the river, I couldn't help but reach out and want to wipe some of the wet away.

Patty and Me
Visiting my bloggy-friend Patty.

Thankfully the happy outweighed the sad.  Like visiting with Patty and her mom in Queens (gracias por las empanadas, Senora!) while she's recovering from surgery was most definitely a highlight for both me and Melisa

Me and Michelle
With my two other roomies: Michelle and Flat Sue

Traveling the subway, in 1000 percent humidity, not so much (even the camera is all like, b*tch please!) however, traveling with Flat Sue?!?  EPIC!!!  Don't believe me?  Check out Melisa's post Flat Sue visits #BlogHer12.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Invite to Martha
Table setting courtesy of @TheNextMartha

This year, however, stands out above all others:  I was invited to sit @TheNextMartha's table during Martha Stewart's lunchtime keynote.  Trust me when I tell you that my new friend Jen is ALL that and a bag of blue glitter.

Sue @TheNextMartha table
Flat Sue says, "THPBBPBBPBPBPTH!!!"

I was totally honored to share the experience of MARTHA STEWART DISSING ALL THE HARD WORK THAT WENT INTO CELEBRATING PURE INSPIRATION AND JEN'S CREATIVITY ENTIRELY with her.  No, really.  It's okay.  Glitter-envy is hard.

BlogHer12 Peeps
MMMF, I love you, you're number one!

Along with spending much needed quality time with some of my favorite people IRL (see also:  Melisa's entire BlogHer12 photo stream) priceless.  My stomach still hurts from all the snort-laughing and giggle-talking that went on and, well, I wouldn't trade in those moments for all the swag in the universe.  Truth!

Then again, BlogHer is not ALL fun and games (mostly, not all) this year was a working trip for me and live-tweeting from one of BlogHer's newest sponsor's suite ALL DAY was an awesome experience that I will write about, on my other blog, at a later date.

MoMA Double
At the MoMA:  we could be related.

Or, as soon as my eyes uncross -- you're welcome!!!

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