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Color Me 50 Shades of Surprised, In Katie's Green Room!

A week ago (today) my oldest daughter and I traveled into NYC to tape a segment of Katie Couric's new daytime television show (never thought I would say that OUT LOUD...right?, either)! We were both super-excited to be able to share in the experience of my being asked to blog during the taping (I'll be the one hiding behind a borrowed laptop) the subject matter, however, left us both feeling emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. I am not at liberty to share with you what the show was about (not yet, anyways, it's airing next month) I can tell you,... Read more →

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#Blogust: Leave a Comment, Save a Child, Enough Said.

Today, it's my turn to help: every single comment left on my #blogust post raises $20.00 to help save the life a child in need and a @shotatlife! Please click on the link, come on over to my blog, leave a comment (on my blog post, not Facebook) and help me prove that nice really does matter...YO! Read more →

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