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Cape Cod or Bust, Garth (not his real name) fuh-bid!

I Need a Smartphone to Tell Me I Have a Smartphone

I've been trying to convince my husband, Garth (not his real name) that he really DOES need a smartphone and NOT just for updating your Facebook status, sharing in some Doctor Who love on Twitter or playing Bubble Shoot and Words With Friends.


Not to mention...ohhhhhh, LOOKIT! HOW CUTE!...Doofus Dawg is napping with his favorite blankey...hang on a minute.

Doofus on the Couch
[point, shoot, share, DONE!]

My current obsession with Instagram is another really good example (okay, so I'm a little late to the party, I have an android, enough said!) however, I did not post the pic of Doofus-Dawg.

It's really not ALL that great (seriously, have you seen Neil Kramer's stuff?) I blame Andy (a distant relative of Siri, or something like that) he's not the sharpest android on the block, but I love him anyway.

Besides, THEN what would I blog about?

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Aaaaanyway, what was I saying?

[stares at stains on couch]

OH YEAH!  Garth (not his real name) finally broke down, got himself a smartphone and we now have epic Bubble Shoot marathon sessions together, almost every night before falling asleep on the couch, and everything.

"You two and your silly little phones."

My oldest daughter does not have a smartphone and, now that she's working and has started paying for some of her own stuff (thank you Jezuss!), she wants an iPhone.

"Andy, are you really just a silly little phone?"

I also do NOT have an iPhone (I only pretend that I do) but, Andy and I?  Yeah, we're good.  In fact, my smartphone has enabled me to share a lot of experiences that I would otherwise have trouble...you know...remembering (DAMMIT!) Andy has effectively become my blogging muse.

Another example:  I took this fun pic, while hiking with my oldest daughter, earlier this week and shared it on Twitter.

Aaaaand, yes, only LATER after walking for nearly 2 hours, in the wrong direction, did I realize that we could have used Google maps to figure out just where in the hell we were.

[point, shoot, share, OH SH&T!]

Moral of the Story:   Having a smartphone really DOES come in handy...whenever you remember you have one...I mean...or something like that.

If anyone needs me, I'll be upstairs nursing my bad back and looking for the owner's manual...DAMMIT!

Stupid smartphones, dumbass Andy.

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