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Working from home is not as easy as you may think

The great thing about being self-employed: hiring myself out as a freelancer gives me the opportunity to work on several projects, while being available to my family (sometimes ALL at once) and I am not committed to any one particular employer, long-term. The not so great thing about being self-employed: I am not committed to any one particular employer, long-term. This week, I'm starting a new project that I am hoping will lead me closer to my goal for 2013: long-term employment. Yeah, I'm totally banking on the Aztecs being wrong...DAMMIT! I'm looking at 2 kids in college by 2014, with 2 more out of high school before this decade is over and, well, enough said. Either way, as a self-employed-work-at-home type for the last 6 years, I've accustomed myself to working with and/or around other people's schedules. That said, my hours are about to increase substantially (YES, that is... Read more →

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WoW, At Our House, We Take Electronic Entertainment Very Seriously

My brother and sister-in-law are big-time World of Warcraft fans and recently gifted my 13 year-old with 6 months of game time. Considering my son has been BEHHHHHHHHHHHH-ging us for a subscription (it's free to play up to level 20 or something, which is like 5 minutes to a 13 year-old) inviting him into their guild effectively up-ped my brother's and sister-in-law's wow-factor by a hefty: "WOW, you guys are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!" Yeah, as if they needed any help in THAT department. Aaaaaaanyway, my son has been hinting at an expansion pack for WoW, for a couple of weeks now, and mentioned it again on the way home from the pediatrician's on Tuesday. "I know, Mists of Pandaria, it was released today." What?!? I read Game Informer. "You could add it to your Christmas or birthday list." Aaaaaaand, my coolness factor dropped by an unsurprising: "UGH! You ALWAYS say that!"... Read more →

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Just Me and My Shadows

Gathering my thoughts and enjoying the nothingness of a day off from school, before the kids wake up I mean. Aaaaaaand, yet another quiet moment is interrupted by a good morning snuggle and, well, when did my shadow's legs get so gosh-darned long?!? I have NO words. Other folks going wordless today: Wordless Wednesday. © 2003 - 2012 This Full House Read more →

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Who Knew, Doofus Is a Designer Dawg?

I don't know what it is, exactly, but it happens to me every time the seasons change. I get all fired-up about redecorating, reorganizing, renovating and re-re-ing the h-e-double hockey sticks out of This Full House of mismatched scks and crunchy floors. For years I blamed HGTV for fueling my DIY and design envy. Not to mention, my having a slight girl-crush on Candice Olson and Amy Matthews. Then Pinterest came along if I needed yet ANOTHER reason to feel inadequate or delusional in believing renovating a house...for the last 18 perfectly normal...not to mention, using pretend words like re-re-ing. On the other hand: my kids bring their friends over who are all, like, "Ohhhhh, your house is sooooooooo cozy!" and...YES!...I allow those kids sleepover...A LOT! Aaaaanyway, I tend to focus on creating cozy little gathering-type areas (unavoidable, seeing as we live in a small house) like our... Read more →

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So, I Wrote This Blog Post on Katie Couric's Website

Raise your hand if you NEVER thought you would EVER read THAT blog post title here at This Full House of crunchy floors and sticky socks [raises handed] me, either. Unlike my house, I like to keep things light and airy on my blog. Then my oldest daughter Holly and I were invited to NYC to tape a segment of Katie Couric's new daytime television show and I never thought I would say THAT (out loud) either. The show on Dating Violence aired on Katie yesterday and my husband was more than just a little surprised to learn that I did not watch it. "What do you mean you didn't watch it?!?" Honestly, a part of me was all, like, I wonder if the camera caught a glimpse of us -- we were in the front row, to the right of the stage -- truth is, it was VERY difficult... Read more →

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