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Who Knew, Doofus Is a Designer Dawg?

I don't know what it is, exactly, but it happens to me every time the seasons change.  I get all fired-up about redecorating, reorganizing, renovating and re-re-ing the h-e-double hockey sticks out of This Full House of mismatched scks and crunchy floors.

For years I blamed HGTV for fueling my DIY and design envy.  Not to mention, my having a slight girl-crush on Candice Olson and Amy Matthews.

Then Pinterest came along if I needed yet ANOTHER reason to feel inadequate or delusional in believing renovating a house...for the last 18 perfectly normal...not to mention, using pretend words like re-re-ing.

On the other hand:  my kids bring their friends over who are all, like, "Ohhhhh, your house is sooooooooo cozy!" and...YES!...I allow those kids sleepover...A LOT!

Lit branches

 Aaaaanyway, I tend to focus on creating cozy little gathering-type areas (unavoidable, seeing as we live in a small house) like our faux fireplace.

It's actually our chimney.  The previous owners were using a wood-burning stove, but the town made them remove it before selling the house and, well, getting it back to a real functioning's on my list.

This weekend, however, I replanted some perennials and wanted to reuse this beautiful pot (see  picture above, also: re-re-ing) to warm up our entryway by using these awesome lit branches I found at Christmas Tree Shop.

"Is it supposed to go like that?"

Even my 11 year-old was all, like, really?  Is THAT all you got?

Lit branches courtesy of Doofus Dawg
Then I noticed Doofus-Dawg bought something in from the yard as well and I just vacuumed that carpet...HEY!...wait a minute...[cue light bulb]...AH-HAH!

I went outside, raided the kindling from our outdoor fireplace and even thought to take advantage of finally gathering up a couple of stray branches from around the yard, knocking yet ANOTHER item off of my list (don't be jealous) but, it still didn't look right.

Lit branches and Hope
Hope suggested we add some of the river rocks I had sitting on the driveway for the last few months (okay, more like a year:  line perimeter of pool with rocks, to make it easier to cut the grass, it's on the list) to help hold the branches up straight and, well, seems I am not smarter than a 6th grader...either.

Lit branches doofus dawg

Aaaaaand, even Doofus-Dawg got into the act by helping me trim the branches back a bit...NO!...  not that...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!!!!...heh, just kidding.

Lit branches done
Now the entryway has "Welcome, sit down and take the load off!" written all over it, right?!?  RIGHT?!? Riiiiiiiight.

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Yeah, whatever, Candice.  Bite me, Amy.

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