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The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween House

Not for nothing, but we used to do holidays BIG here at This Full House of crunchy floors and stinky socks, sometimes decorating months in advance. Actually, I may or may not have forgotten to take down last year's [insert upcoming holiday, here] decorations and, well, a few months more and I'd have to dig them out again anyway, right? Then life happened and holidays just sort of started going all #FUBAR, for one reason or twenty. Halloween 2007: I carved the pumpkin way too early and, well, it was gross and swarming with gnats by the end of the month. So, I just left it out and pretended...yeah, sure...we meant for it to look all gross, just in time for Halloween! 2008 will forever go down as the bloodiest Halloween, EVUH: when my middle girl's butt exploded, literally and we'll just go ahead and skip right over 2009, if... Read more →

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The Walking Dead-ish

I love a good old-fashioned ghost story: stuff like The Sixth Sense, Woman in Black and Paranormal Activity can really get my adrenaline pumping and then I start hollering stuff like, "Oh, you do NOT want to go in there" and "Turn around, turn around, they are RIGHT BEHIND YOU, dammit"! Which is probably why it is a pretty good idea that I wait until these type of movies are released on DVD. I just get myself too involved in the storyline and, more often than not, would end know...more dead-ish than not. Which is why I am not a BIG fan of zombie movies: unless we're talking The Walking Dead and, well, "Turn around, turn around, they are RIGHT BEHIND YOU, dammit"! Alright, so maybe there are worse things to worry about than a Zombie Apocalypse and...YES!...real life is A LOT more scary (especially, if you have teens)... Read more →

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Let's Get Political, Or Not Just Yet

I did not watch the Biden/Ryan debate, last night. Not for the lack of wanting, just didn't think about it until it was very nearly over. I did, however, catch the last few minutes of the political debates streaming through Twitter and Facebook. I should have stayed off Twitter and Facebook. To tell you the truth, I do not know enough about politics to justify my posting about politics. In fact, helping my 11 year-old study for her Civics test made me realize just how little I understand how our government is run -- yes, that is indeed very unfortunate. Oh, I have my opinions and possibly even some of which align very closely with yours (just maybe) and yet the issues that concern me the most (which, quite frankly, probably involve the welfare of my family) may not hold any interest for you...whatsoever...and that is to be expected. Then,... Read more →

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Learning From Our Mistakes-101

Learning to walk his hard, learning to fall is even harder. Please feel free to visit with me over at my Gone Shopping blog and read more about: why I can't help but feel that life would be a little easier if Learning From Our Mistakes-101 were a requirement, rather than an elective...for parents, too...when you have time, of course. © 2003 - 2012 This Full House Read more →

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