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Let's Get Political, Or Not Just Yet

I did not watch the Biden/Ryan debate, last night.  Not for the lack of wanting, just didn't think about it until it was very nearly over.  I did, however, catch the last few minutes of the political debates streaming through Twitter and Facebook.

I should have stayed off Twitter and Facebook.

To tell you the truth, I do not know enough about politics to justify my posting about politics.  In fact, helping my 11 year-old study for her Civics test made me realize just how little I understand how our government is run -- yes, that is indeed very unfortunate.

Oh, I have my opinions and possibly even some of which align very closely with yours (just maybe) and yet the issues that concern me the most (which, quite frankly, probably involve the welfare of my family) may not hold any interest for you...whatsoever...and that is to be expected.

Then, it got ugly.  Not that I was surprised at the lack of civility and I do so admire the passion of political pundits (mostly) but there was this one tweet:

"To those of you who are still undecided, you haven't been paying attention!"

Oh, I know, and no it's not the worst anyone could say (especially, to me) and if you are ready to walk into that voting booth...right now...and make your choice...without a single regret or worry...then I am very, very happy for (and proud of) you.

All I ask in return is for you to respect the fact that some of us are just not there yet.

It's not a matter of choosing chocolate over vanilla (I pick strawberry!) or simply picking one team over another (go Giants!) making assumptions about knowing EXACTLY what is in people's minds or hearts, judged solely by the choices they haven't even made (yet) is just plain ignorant.

Then I saw the headline of some "odd political psa" featuring Sean Penn and Kid Rock and, well, check it out:


Warning: may not be suitable viewing for everyone, has expletives.

Okay, yeah it's a little creepy, sort of corny and, pfffttt, I can certainly relate with that.  Still, the message is a very simple one and, well, I get it.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration and so ends my pundit blogging career (you're welcome!) remember to vote for strawberry.

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