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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Jersey Style

When my sister-in-law asked me if I would walk with her at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Point Pleasant Beach, two thoughts immediately came to mind:

  • Yes.
  • Of course.

I've been taking my kids to Jenkinson's boardwalk since they were babies and, more importantly, with my sister-in-law's recent scare and my twin brother facing yet another surgery (next week) I am always up for the chance to kick cancer's ass...anywhere...b*tch...ANYTIME!...Jersey style.

Making Strides startWhile the rest of my family was's really, really do realize know...walking will be involved.

3.1 miles to be exact and, although a lot of folks I know run a 5k before breakfast, it seems my borked-up back has compromised my already less than graceful walking skills.

Tripping over air is one thing (which I am very good at, btw), gravity getting all stabby once my foot hits the ground the wrong way can be real gosh-darned inconvenient.

Making Strides fight like a girl

Then again, I have seen way too many of my family and friends suffer through the bitch that is cancer.  Judging by the awesome turnout, who showed on perhaps the most beautiful Sunday in the record of Sundays in October, we were ALL looking to kick some cancer-ass.

Making Strides dude with pink beardOn this particular day, everyone's signature color was pink and it was SO difficult for me to NOT stare at that dude up there (although, dude, think of it as my admiring your awesomeness) or not wonder about the story, behind the beard.

Making Strides walkingThe t-shirts, that was another story, multiplied by the thousands:  pictures of loved ones captioned with declarations of eternal remembrance and hundreds upon hundreds of teams, helping to raise money for the cause, rallying on for those who continue to fight, made this for a truly bittersweet experience.Making Strides along the beachWe continued to walk, mostly in silence, sometimes talking all at once, as I pointed out our favorite spots on the beach or the stands where the kids and I first discovered fried Oreos and zeppoles.Mile 2Around mile 2 a beautiful monarch butterfly appeared to follow along with the crowd, dipping and weaving gracefully over a sea of pink, now stretching out in front of us for as far as our eyes could see.

My sister-in-law and I turned to each other, smiled and agreed:  it was most probably someone's loved one, rooting them on.

My cell phone did not make it to mile 3 (damnit!) BUT I DID!!!  Considering I had 17,000 of my fellow-Jerseyites to lean on, how could I not?!?

This morning, I received a text message from my sister-in-law:  co-worker walked w/team yesterday in honor of her friend's mom who died from breast cancer.  Symbol for the mom is a butterfly.

Enough said.

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