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Twas The Night Before #Snor'eastercane

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween House

Not for nothing, but we used to do holidays BIG here at This Full House of crunchy floors and stinky socks, sometimes decorating months in advance.

Actually, I may or may not have forgotten to take down last year's [insert upcoming holiday, here] decorations and, well, a few months more and I'd have to dig them out again anyway, right?

Then life happened and holidays just sort of started going all #FUBAR, for one reason or twenty. 

The Dead Pumpkin 2007
Halloween 2007:  I carved the pumpkin way too early and, well, it was gross and swarming with gnats by the end of the month.  So, I just left it out and pretended...yeah, sure...we meant for it to look all gross, just in time for Halloween!

Heather 2008
2008 will forever go down as the bloodiest Halloween, EVUH:  when my middle girl's butt exploded, literally and we'll just go ahead and skip right over 2009, if you don't mind, m'kay?

Corn mazing
Halloween 2010 was the last time all 4 of my kids went pumpkin hunting, together:  because, clearly, I was the only one having fun.  

This time, last year?  I was positively morose.  My youngest was graduating 5th grade and, well it was my baaaaaaayyyyyybeeeeeeeee's LAST Halloween parade.

Although I did remember to bring my camera, I totally FORGOT to check the stupid sd card.  #dumbass

Glen and Hope I don't remember when
Wait!  Here is a really cute picture of Hope (and Glen) from I don't remember when.

"Are we going to put up any Halloween decorations, this year?"

Ugh.  Right.  So, I can't help but feel like my youngest daughter is getting the short end of [enter upcoming holiday, here].

"Right now, want to help?"

So, last Sunday, Hope and I hit the Dollar Store for some THAT realy all we got for Halloween...stuff and took to task getting our house looking all fall-ish and festive-like.

Because dead geraniums are sooo spooky, yes?

Hope and I got it ALL up and Halloween-ish by the time my two oldest girls got home from work later that afternoon. 

Halloween 2012

I know, it's not like it's going to win an award or anything and, truth be told, my neighbors probably won't even really notice the difference, from any other day.  Still.  Hope and I had a really great time and we may or may not have gotten a little carried away with the spider webbing.

"The spiders are going to have a party!"

Good.  One less decoration to worry about, right?!?  In fact, throw in a couple of red and green hats, a few jingle-y bells and we've got us some pumpkin elves.

What?!?  I sort of like the idea of our being the Nightmare Before Christmas House, right?!?  RIGHT?!?

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Whatever.  Eat your heart out, Martha!

[blanke stare]

Martha Stewart, I mean, not Jenn @TheNextMartha <---- that woman OWNS Halloween!

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