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19 Years of Motherhood And Still Not Doing It Right

Holly and What is Left of Athena
11-12-12: Holly and what's left of Winterstorm Athena.

My oldest turned 19, last week <----- seeing that in writing makes the fact that I am now a mother of a 19 year old all the more WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM A MOTHER OF A 19 YEAR OLD <----- seeing that in UPPERCASE pretty much sums up what I feel about THAT, in a nutshell.

Christmas 2003, with my mom.

It's not like I didn't see it coming, either.  I mean, 2 out of 4 my kids have stopped growing out of their clothes for a couple of years now.  Still, WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM A MOTHER OF A 19 YEAR OLD?!?

Holly and Mom 11-12-12

I mean, it's not like I don't know where the time has gone, take one look at me and it's pretty obvious I am someone's mom...most especially, from the neck down...DAMMIT.  If you were to ask me to explain what raising kids is like, I would probably tell you that it's sort of like going through bootcamp.

This Full House Kids 11-12-12
[heavy sigh]

Parenting teenagers, on the other hand, is like going through bootcamp...24/7...naked.  Still, I just don't know if I'm doing it right. 

Holly Digging her New Earphones
Holly's digging her new earphones.

Until, I look around me and...well...then I think to myself...SELF!!!...does it really matter?  

Hope With Another Project
Hope and yet ANOTHER project, she's a bit anal.

Yes, it is messy and there are pieces of my children literally flung ALL over this house (seriously, follow the trail of wet towels and you will find a kid, most likely my son) don't even get me started on ALL the empty glasses, I mean the kitchen is literally 20 steps away from...well...everywhere. 

Glen and His iPod
Glen, probably watching Family Guy.

Aaaaaand, no matter where you turn, there is a kid nearby (sometimes, not even mine) most likely ignoring the fact that they should probably be doing their homework. 

Heather Photo Bomb
There was one kid missing, but I found her.

You would think, after 19 years of motherhood, I would have this parenting thing ALL figured out by now...right?!?

Today, however, I am pretty sure of one thing:  the fact that my kids choose to ignore their homework...while hanging out with me...well, for this I am truly thankful.

I just wanted to put that in know...for whenever I step on another wet towel or find an empty glass...or twenty...lying around and I forget.

Never fear, my friends, because I'll probably be back to NOT doing it right tomorrow and most likely right into the new year...because the Mayans are totally wrong...DAMMIT!

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